Iso haircuts at Nova 919: George Costanza for Ben, Ronaldo for Liam

“We saw everyone getting iso haircuts and thought why don’t we get involved.”

Isolation is getting the better of many people and boredom is clearly setting in. With many stuck at home, more and more people are deciding to try their hand at what should clearly be left to the experts – “iso-haircuts”.

After Nova 919’s Adelaide breakfast hosts Ben Harvey and Liam Stapleton’s producer Wolf came into work Monday morning with a bleach blonde iso haircut, the hosts decided to give it a go.

Ben & Liam said: “We saw everyone getting iso haircuts and thought why don’t we get involved. The only difference was the listeners choose the haircuts and they didn’t hold back with their suggestions.”

After compiling listener’s suggestions on a spinning wheel, with inspiration that included the Joe Exotic, the Dusty Martin and the Peter Garrett, the duo each spun the wheel to decide their new “do”. Ben went first, spinning up a Seinfeld classic – “The George Costanza” – with Liam following with “The 2002 Ronaldo” inspired by the star soccer player’s World Cup look.

Ben & Liam took turns styling their co-hosts look, with the results shocking listeners, colleagues and their partners.

Ben & Liam explained: “Getting the haircut wasn’t scary. Explaining it to our girlfriends when we get home is the scary part.”

Liam played audio this morning on the show of how his partner reacted when he arrived home on Monday. After trying to convince her it wasn’t that bad, she said: “It looks !@#$ing awful.”

They have to keep the new looks for a few days too. They spun the wheel to decide how long you should keep the new styles. The boys spun 13 and 14 days – it’s going to be a long two weeks for their partners who have to look at the results.

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