Icon Agency partners with The Man Cave charity

The Man Cave partners with Icon Agency's The Change Collective

Hunter Johnson: “We are at an inflection point for masculinity.”

The Man Cave, a preventative mental health and emotional intelligence charity, has entered into a long-term partnership with Icon Agency’s social and behaviour change division, The Change Collective.

Now in its tenth year, The Man Cave is a national youth charity that works with young men to facilitate safe-space discussions masculinity’s unique challenges and opportunities today.

The partnership will see both Icon and The Man Cave teams share resources, insights and expertise to deliver important behaviour change programs for state and federal government departments. It will also inform work with NFPs and consumer brands to create advertising and communications that help to address unhelpful gender stereotypes and the issues they cause.

Head of Change Collective, Mat Crompton, said, “The Man Cave has unique insights into the behaviours and nuanced experiences of young men in Australia, a typically hard-to-reach audience.”

The Man Cave’s chief executive officer, Hunter Johnson, added: “Culturally, we are at an inflection point for masculinity, which I think is very exciting.

“The question is, what next? What behaviours do men need to let go of? What behaviours and attitudes do they want to evolve into – both for their betterment and for the betterment of the communities around them.”

Last month, Innocean‘s gender equality movement, F*ck The Cupcakes (FTC), announced it was launching an all-year-round program called Yeah the Pies, aiming to promote productive conversations between men on gender equality.

Its inaugural event takes place this Thursday 11 April, in a drive via Paramount, Infinity Bakery, and Bloke Coaching, that invites men from Australian adland for an afternoon of cooking, conversations, and change – all while baking pies. 

Commenting on the initiative, FTC founder and Innocean Australia CEO, Jasmin Bedir, said: “We’ve struck a chord with our sentiment that International Women’s Day is meaningless if women continue just to talk to other women.

“But it is incredibly difficult to get men at scale engaged in the topic of gender equality, which was confirmed by the Gender Pay Gap data.”

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Top Image: Icon and The Man Cave team with Sasha the dog in her new Man Cave basketball jersey.

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