Bastion launches first work for La Trobe Financial, Grandpa’s Gift

Bastion rolls out first work for La Trobe Financial with 'Grandpa’s Gift'

Chris Andrews: “We have created a campaign that we think truly captures the hearts of our investors.”

Bastion has released its first creative work for Australian credit asset management firm La Trobe Financial since its appointment to the account in late 2023, following a competitive pitch process.

The first marketing campaign in many years for La Trobe, the brand said Grandpa’s Gift is emblematic of a shift in its approach from product-centric to human-centric.

Chief executive officer of La Trobe Financial, Chris Andrews, said the campaign drew from the insight that throughout the long-standing institution‘s history, its clients have relied on its services to help care for their loved ones.

“With this as our foundation, we have created a campaign that we think truly captures the hearts of our investors,” said Andrews.

“It depicts, in a beautiful way, our investor base and puts the focus on those who are seeking a prosperous future and a dignified retirement.”

The ad depicts a touching scene in which a grandfather surprises his granddaughter by transforming her simple picnic into an outdoor fort.


It shows a connection between generations and taps into our universal desire to care for our families through everyday acts of kindness,” said Andrews.

Bastion Creative’s chief creative officer, Simon Langley, added, “In a world of golf, convertibles, and walks along beaches at magic hour, this takes a different approach in tone and message – capturing the importance of having the funds not just for your retirement, but to be able to provide for or treat those you love.”

Bastion’s launch of Grandpa’s Gift comes on the heels of its March acquisition of digital creative agency AnalogFolk.

The move came a year after AnalogFolk’s CEO Matt Robinson and chief strategy officer Ben Hourahine acquired the agency from its UK parent company through a management buyout.

Bastion CEO Jack Watts said the acquisition aligns with the agency‘s continued growth ambitions.

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