IAB Australia unveils cast of Adland’s first ever industry pantomime “Addy Lala and the MOOD Tea Thieves”

IAB Australia - Addy Lala

Among the first industry executives to star in the pantomime are Aimee Buchanan, Peter Horgan and Nicole Bence

IAB Australia has unveiled the cast of the Adland’s first-ever industry pantomime, “Addy Lala and the MOOD Tea Thieves”.

Among the first industry executives named in the superstar cast are Aimee Buchanan, Peter Horgan and Nicole Bence.

They will be joined on stage by Vanya Mariana, Sam Buchanan, Casey Martin, Olivia Scott, Ricky Chanana, Roger Dunn, Paul Kent.

Meanwhile Greg “Sparrow” Graham will make a special appearance as Santa, with additional cast members still to be announced.

Tickets are now on sale for the pantomime which will run for one night only in Sydney on 5th December. All in the industry are encouraged to come along with all profits from the production going towards MOOD Tea initiatives to help young people better manage their mental health.

The pantomime will tell the tale of a poor young media sales rep, Addy, struggling to meet targets. One day Addy overhears a group of peers with a magic phrase that may just change her chances of success.

The cast includes:

• Casey Martin stars as Addy Lala a wide-eyed and excited new media sales executive
• Olivia Scottis Teddy, the work best friend we all need
• Vanya Mariana is Cass, a heartless & unforgiving (but stylish) sales director
• Nicole Bence is Sandra, a merciless and unrelenting (but stylish) sales director
• Peter Horgan is Eric, an agency leader with no time for your nonsense
• Aimee Buchanan is Erica, an agency leader who needs you to get to the point quick smart
• Sam Buchanan is Jim Seltzer, an adtech sales whiz with more than one string on his bow
• Ricky Chanana is Micky Cabana, industry savant here to help guide the next generation
• Roger Dunn is The Shopkeeper, a ringleader for the retail media camp
• Sparrow is Santa!
• Paul Kent is the Space Cowboy, a tech baron

Chris Freel (CEO of UnLtd) and Gai Le Roy (CEO of IAB Australia) are the co-producers of the show.  

The production will have all the hallmarks of a classic pantomime with lush costumes and a humorous look at our industry and the themes of 2023. 

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