How Australian Idol 2024 is building up to be the ‘toughest’ season ever

Australian Idol 2024

Majella Hay: “There are singers and then there are idols, and we are looking for an idol”

The brand new season of Australian Idol is set to hit screens in early 2024 and with it comes a slew of new twists and turns, building on the reinvigorated look and feel of last year’s season. 

Touted as the toughest season of Idol ever by Seven’s head of entertainment, Majella Hay, the new season will feature a tighter format, having only a top 30 rather than a top 50 as seen with last season. 

Hay explains that even though there will be more episodes in the new season, getting a golden ticket into the top 30 will be harder.

“The 30 who make it into that group have got to work harder to get there, and have to impress our judges to get that golden ticket,” she said.

“Because of our new format, we can slightly shorten the audition run of getting the people through the door to see who has the potential to be an idol.

“There will be people who viewers will love from the get-go in the top 30, and they will follow just those 30 voices as they start their journey to become an Australian Idol.”

Seven Network - Australian Idol - 2023 winner Royston Sagigi-Baira

Australian Idol – 2023 winner Royston Sagigi-Baira

The new season’s judging lineup will feature three faces instead of the usual four, with Kyle Sandilands and Amy Shark returning alongside Idol original Marcia Hines, with Hay revealing that all three-panel members have a wonderful respect for each other, meaning that each one of them can be the best version of themselves.

“Amy and Marcia used to live in the same apartment block, so they’ve known each other for years and you can just tell that through the rapport that comes through. They don’t always agree, but they are the best versions of themselves.

“Marcia brings this energy to the show that is so commanding, but warm, and you just hang off every word she says, as do the artists.”

Earlier this year, Idol increased its audience year on year in its timeslot, reaching 8.32 million viewers nationally on broadcast and 1.06 million on 7plus. Hay says the new season will replicate that success and hopefully excel it.

“We do what we do well and with all the changes we have made, we are very confident in the show we have put together. 

“We know it’s a competitive time slot, we know it’s a competitive quarter, but we think that with everything we are doing right now such as bringing the things that everyone’s always loved about Idol back again, we will get that year on year growth that we would like.”

Singing contest programs have always been a staple of not only Aussie television but television in general, with the ‘Idol’ franchise being one of the few household names among the sea of others. Hay says the new season will stand out from the others and stay fresh against the competition by being the toughest season ever. 

“The contestants will be challenged at every step of the way and will be challenged in ways that are very authentic to the music industry.

“We’ve got a saying this season: There are singers and then there are idols, and we are looking for an idol, which means you have to be the whole package.

“Having vocals is just one part of that package, that package being able to sell yourself and you just have to have something about you.

“The fact that there are only 30 golden tickets in the audition phase means that the contestants have to fight harder than ever before. We are definitely heating them up more this year to see if they’ve got what it takes to ultimately be not just a singer, but to be an idol.”

Australian Idol is produced for the Seven Network by Eureka Productions.

Australian Idol premieres in early 2024. 

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