My Mum Your Dad 2023: The final four couples face the Blessing Ceremony

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My Mum Your Dad is produced by ITV Studios Australia

“Tonight, our four remaining couples put their young love to the ultimate test,” Kate Langbroek said on the final episode of Nine‘s My Mum Your Dad. 

With Eight parents remaining (four couples), the choice was now up to their children to give their blessing and round out the show’s second season. 

Masi and Nadia, Dani and Wes, Bec and Ben, and Simmo and Janine were the final four couples headed into the Blessing Ceremony, placing the final say into their children’s hands.

The kids making the decision for each couple were:

• Brandon and Jake – Wes and Dani
• Harper and Mona – Masi and Nadia
• Gracie, Jasmine and Jaxon – Bec and Ben
• Sarah and Tiarn – Simmo and Janine

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In the heartwarming conclusion to the show, all four couples received their children’s blessing.

One of the most touching moments of the episode was Dani and Wes’ Blessing Ceremony, which saw Dani remove her wedding ring for the first time after admitting that she was finally ready to move on from her third husband, who had passed in 2019 from cardiac arrest.

“It’s a sign of a new beginning for me. I really have moved on,” Dani said, after her son Brandon asked whether she was ready to move forward with Wes.

“She’s ready to move on and love herself again and be open up to love… I can’t even describe how incredible this feeling is,” Brandon said of his mother’s decision.

Speaking to Mediaweek ahead of the show’s premiere, Kate Langbroek said that

“We all know that the reward in life is ostensibly getting old, and there’s a lot of messages about getting older that are kind of negative. However, finding love is very uplifting because it can happen at any point, but you have to open yourself up to the possibility.”

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My Mum Your Dad is produced by ITV Studios Australia.

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