Early Gold Medal on The GC: Hot Tomato #1 radio station right across 2017

Flan and Emily Jade with Christo have dominated in 2017

Flan, Emily Jade, Christo

1029 Hot Tomato remains hot and on top as the #1 station on the Gold Coast for the third time this year. That is an ever better result when you realise there are just three GfK surveys a year in the biggest non-metro market in Australia.

Flan and Emily Jade with Christo have dominated in 2017, claiming the #1 breakfast show for the entire year.

Galey, Mal and Moyra remain the Gold Coast’s hottest local show to listen to for the drive home, from 3pm.

Graham Miles, chief executive officer at 1029 Hot Tomato, said: “Another set of fantastic results, I would like to congratulate our dedicated team for another stellar year. We are extremely delighted to be the #1 station yet again, claiming the top spot for the last four survey periods. Thanks also needs to go to our station partners and most importantly our listeners who we will continue to entertain in the lead-up to Christmas, during the excitement of 2018 and beyond.”

Dan Bradley, content director at 1029 Hot Tomato, added:

“For 1029 Hot Tomato it’s all about consistency rather than any individual ratings result, and being #1 now for four consecutive surveys is a credit to the entire team who have delivered that consistency. It’s particularly exciting to see the growth of Flan and Emily Jade with Christo in breakfast. They’ve been #1 all year, and have nearly a 5% margin, an exceptional result for an awesome show.”

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