Heath and Toni take out the title on The Amazing Race Australia

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The pair won a $250,000 cash prize and an Isuzu D-MAX and an Isuzu MU-X

After the final leg of 10‘s The Amazing Race Australia took three teams to Broome, Western Australia, it was an emotional and exhausted Team Memory Makers, Heath and Toni, who stepped onto the Pit Stop mat first, winning a $250,000 cash prize and an Isuzu D-MAX and an Isuzu MU-X.

Newlywed Teachers, Kelly and Georgia, were the first team out of the airport, where they travelled to Sun Pictures in Chinatown for their first challenge of the finale. Here they were to feed each other a plateful of Sweet and Sour Pork using two giant chopsticks. Heath and Toni were the first team to conquer the challenge and receive their next clue, followed by Angel and Frankie and a now last placed Kelly and Georgia.

The racers then headed to the next Roadblock, where one team member was to take a boat out to collect a panel of oysters, return to the hatchery, and gently coax four giant oysters open to give to the Master Pearler to extract a pearl. After Toni gave each one a little high five and some quiet words of encouragement, she headed back to the shore. Heath and Toni were first to secure their pearl, followed by Angel and Frankie, and finally, Kelly and Georgia.

Heath and Toni rushed to the next challenge with Toni opting to take to the skies in a helicopter, ticking off one of her bucket list items, while Heath remained on the ground to carve a word in the sand for Toni to decipher. Angel and Frankie were close behind, and then overtook the Memory Makers. Kelly and Georgia received their clue next, leaving Health and Toni in third place.

The next challenge saw teams collecting mud whelks from the mangroves and successfully cooking and eating one each for the judge. Following a demonstration, all teams were square, until Kelly and Georgia forgot their backpacks and had to return to the car to retrieve them. This gave Angel and Frankie and Heath and Toni a head start advantage.

The teams drove to their next Roadblock where they had to find a button hidden in one of two hundred sandcastles. Heath and Toni succeeded first, followed by Angel and Frankie, leaving Kelly and Georgia behind in third.

The next challenge had the teams solving a puzzle based on the order and time they had been at different clock towers around the world. Angel and Frankie arrived just as Heath and Toni finished, working fast to give themself a chance in a foot race. After a few wrong moves, they finally retrieved their final clue and were in hot pursuit of Heath and Toni. As they exited, Kelly and Georgia arrived before also receiving their next clue to take them to the Pit Stop.

In the last stretch, Heath and Toni passed a rock formation, spotting Beau and some of the previous contestants, before sprinting to hit the mat first, becoming the winners of The Amazing Race Australia 2022. Angel paused to put on her late father’s jersey before stepping on the Pit Stop mat with Frankie in second place. Finally, Kelly and Georgia hit the mat in third place to bring The Amazing Race Australia 2022 to a close.  

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