Google unveils YouTube Music

Google announce the launch of YouTube Music to take on Pandora, Apple Music, and Spotify’s radio services. But will it launch in Australia

By Dan Barrett

Google today have announced the launch of YouTube Music, an ad-supported app that offers complete access to the rich catalogue of music available on YouTube. But, sorry Australia, at the moment it’s just US only.

Serving almost as an alternative to Pandora, once you select a song or artist on YouTube Music, it generates a playlist that will take you on a journey through the platforms music catalog. Clicking the home tab will offer recommended music, personalised to suit your taste. With the deep YouTube catalogue available, users will be able to use the app to consume music videos, individual songs, concert footage, and albums. Like Spotify and Apple Music, curated playlists are also available.

For users with a paid YouTube Red membership, the differences to Pandora become more apparent. Free of advertising, Red subscribers will also be able to listen to YouTube Music offline and switch between video or audio-only consumption. Users will also be able to listen to videos play even if the screen is turned off or another app is being used. A 14-day free sampling period is available to new users.

Older songs from before video killed the radio stars are also on the platform. Where a music video isn’t available for older, catalogue titles, album artwork is displayed on screen.

The app is now available for US users in the Apple and Google app stores. An Australian release  for the service is yet to be announced.

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