Gold Coast Radio Ratings 2022, Survey 3: ARN’s Hot Tomato smokes the competition

Gold Coast Radio Ratings

SeaFM stays solid in second

Gold Coast Radio Ratings
Survey Period: Sun May 15 to Sat Jul 23 & Sun Aug 21 to Sat Oct 29.

UP: Nova 106.9 +1.3
DOWN: Triple M -1.4

Hot Tomato 15.7% (15.1%)

ARN’s Hot Tomato has maintained its significant lead on the competition, lifting 0.6 points for a 15.7% share – more than 5 points clear of its nearest competition. It gained 3.7 points in the 10-17 age demographic and 4.2 points in 55-64.

Hot Tomato’s Breakfast show Galey, Emily Jade & Christo lifted 0.9 points for a 14.2% share to reach 109,000 people, while the Drive with Moyra & Big Trev had a 16.4% share.

On continuing as the number one network, Hot Tomato content director Brendon Dangar said: “We are incredibly proud of our local team, who started the year at number 1 and have maintained it yet again for the entire year. We can’t thank the GC enough for choosing Hot Tomato as their favourite station. We know Gold Coasters are very passionate about our city and we’re so proud to still be the only 100% Gold Coast made station.” 

90.9 Sea FM 10.6% (11.3%)

SCA’s Sea FM has dipped 0.7 points for a 10.6% share. The station’s biggest loss was 4.3% in the 10-17 demographic, but made up 3.2 points in 25-39. 

Breakfast with Bianca, Ben and Lakey stayed steady at 12.1%, while Drive with Carrie and Tommy was the best performing daypart with 12.6%, despite a 3.2 point drop.

Triple M 92.5 9.0% (10.4%)

Triple M fell by 1.4% this survey, but gained 2,000 in cume – bringing the total cume to 121,000. Triple M Breakfast with Flan, Ali and Spida had a 10.1% share, whilst Drive with Leisel Jones, Liam and Dobbo came in with a 9.3% share.

Nova 106.9 3.7% (2.4%)

Nova’s station gained 1.3 points this survey, with the biggest success coming from the 18-24 demographic. A whopping 8.2 point increase brought the demo from a 1.7% share to 9.9%. Afternoons yielded the best results with a 5.3% share, rising by 2.6%.

Triple M 104.5 2.3% (2.2%)

Gaining another 0.1 points this survey, Triple M 104.5 performed best in the 55-64 demographic with a 3.9% share. Evenings was the strongest daypart with a 3.5% share. 

4BC Brisbane 1.3% (1.2%)

Nine’s 4BC gained 0.1 points after falling 0.5 in the last survey. The station’s best performing slot was mornings – which spans both Ray Hadley and Bill McDonald’s shows – with a 2.8% share. 65+ was the station’s strongest demo with a 3.0% share.

B105 1.3% (1.0%)

The Brisbane Hit Network enjoyed a 0.3% this gain this survey, performing best in the afternoon with a 2.1% share.

KIIS 97.3FM 0.8% (1.3%)

A slide of 0.5 points sees ARN’s KIIS 97.3 Brisbane come in with a total of 0.8%. The network was most popular among the 18-24 demographic with a 2.2% share – a lift od 1.2 points. Evenings had the highest share with 1.5%

4BH Brisbane 0.2% (0.3%)

The station dropped 0.1% this survey to take a 0.2% share. The morning show did best with 0.4%.

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