Radio Ratings 7 2017: Perth – 96FM share grows despite talent changes

James Manning looks at the seventh radio ratings survey for 2017

Mix 94.5 14.1% (+0.4)

The station has pushed back above 14% which is where it has been for all but three surveys in the past two years. Breakfast is on 12.2% as Clairsy, Matt and Kymba closed the gap on Nova by the smallest of margins. Afternoon is now the station peak with share up 1.3 to 17.5%. Drive closed the gap to Nova where Lisa and Pete were up 0.8 to 14.0%. Mix fought off a spirited challenge from 96FM 40-54 with Mix remaining #1 on 20.9% (+2.2).

Nova 93.7 12.7% (+0.5)

All dayparts improved except breakfast where Nathan, Nat and Shaun hold on at #1 despite a small dip of 0.2 to 14.0%. Kate, Tim and Marty remain drive champs with share up 0.1 to 14.7%. Nova is the new champ 18-24 with share up 3.5 to 23.2% while it has maintained top spot 25-39.

96FM 10.6% (+1.5)

The market’s biggest mover saw share up all over the place starting with breakfast where the station’s final survey to include Carmen and Fitzi was up 1.2 to 9.4%. It was the second-best breakfast result this year, but the best station score in well over two years. Morning and afternoon are both on 12.6% with the former up 2.1 and the latter 1.4. Drive added 0.8 to 9.5% while evening was up 1.1 to 6.3% and even weekends did well – up 2.0 to 10.3%. Most of the new audience piling in was aged 40-54 where share jumped 4.6 to 19.1% where the gap to Mix has closed to less than 2.0.

6PR 7.9% (-0.1)

Breakfast with Steve and Baz had its best result this year lifting 0.4 to 11.0%. The next best performance was Oliver Peterson in drive with share up 0.8 to 8.1%. Share lifted 2.8 to 9.8% 40-54, yet dropped 4.7 to 9.8% 55-64. Share was also down over 4.0 65+ to 13.0%.

Hit 92.9 7.8% (-1.8)

Breakfast change not a bad idea perhaps after this shocker with breakfast down 2.3 to 7.0% with even 6iX breakfast getting within 2.5 of knocking it off. The numbers tumbled right across the day by 2.0 or more and drive dropped 3.2 to 9.9%. The demos are messy too with share down 4.8 18-24 and over 2.0 25-39 and 40-54.

6iX 5.0% (-0.5)

Breakfast has held at 4.5% giving Tim Gossage the station its equal best breakfast share in over two years. The other dayparts and weekends all drifted a little lower. Share was up though where it mattered – 55-64 +1.1 to 11.0% (where 6iX outrates 6PR) and 65+ up 1.8 to 8.7%.

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