Radio Ratings 6 2017: Brisbane – Ash, Kip and Luttsy with Susie O’Neill share up

James Manning looks at the seventh radio ratings survey for 2017

Ash, Kip and Luttsy with Susie O'Neill

Nova 106.9 13.9% (+0.4)

After a little scare in survey one, Nova has pinned its ears back and dominated the rest of the year-to-date. No change this survey with the station proudly proclaiming “Brisbane votes YES for Nova”. The breakfast share for Ash, Kip and Luttsy with Susie O’Neill sees them up 1.0 to 12.7%. The station highpoint remains Kate, Tim and Marty and, despite a small slip, they stay over 17% and #1 drive overall. The station is #1 25-39 and ranks #2 18-24 and 40-54, share climbing 3.3 to 15.8% in the latter.

Hit 105 11.2% (+0.7)

A slight recovery means the station has now been over 11% for five of the seven 2017 surveys and has outrated 97.3 for the second time this year making Hit #2 in the market also for the second time this year. Breakfast with Stav, Abby and Matt is up 1.3 to 10.6% returning the timeslot to double figures after two surveys on 9.3%. Morning and afternoon both lifted as did drive where Hamish and Andy were up 0.8 to 12.3% to trail only Nova. The station remains #1 18-24 and has the gap between it and Nova 25-39.

97.3FM 11.1% (+0.4)

Share pushed back above 11% where it has been for all but one survey this year. Breakfast with Bianca, Terry and Bob was up 0.3 to 10.4% but still short of two surveys the show enjoyed on 12% or better midyear. Afternoon was up 1.2 to 12.9% while drive with Hughesy and Kate was up 0.7 to 11.2%. Despite a surge from Nova 40-54, 97.3 remains #1 on an improved 17.1%.

104.5 Triple M 9.5% (-0.8)

The numbers dipped below 10% for only the second time this year after only breaking above 10% once in 2016. Breakfast with Marto, the soon-to-depart Ed Kavalee and Robin Bailey was down to 9.2%, the station’s lowest breakfast share since 2016. All dayparts slumped with afternoon still the highest with 11.2%. Share 18-24 doubled while 25-39 and 40-54 both took a tumble.

4KQ 8.1% (-0.6)

Share hovers above 8% for the fourth time this year. The station remains #1 commercial 65+ with share down 1.1 to 19.2%.

Breakfast with Laurel, Gary and Mark dropped 0.6 to 7.8% which is still the show’s third best result in 2017 after two surveys over 8%.

4BC 5.6% (+0.3)

Alan Jones and Ray Hadley edged their shares higher slightly, as did most dayparts with the exception of evening where the numbers surged 2.2 to 7.2%. Morning is the station highpoint on 8.0% (+0.3) while afternoon and drive were also up 0.3, but off lower bases. Share 65+ was down 1.6 to 14.6% where 4BC is #2 commercial.

TalkingLifestyle882 (-0.3%)

Another reasonably dramatic drop here to an all-time low with breakfast and drive on 0.2% while evening is on 0.1%. Share 55-64 is 0.4% and 65+ is on 1.3%.

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