Game of Thrones officially the most-watched program in Australian sub TV history

The final episode’s overnight figures topped the season’s premiere

The final episode of season seven of Game of Thrones delivered massive audience numbers for showcase making it the most-watched overnight program in Australian subscription television history, reports Foxtel:

The Dragon and the Wolf, Game of Thrones season seven, episode seven, achieved a record-breaking audience of 887,000 viewers with more viewers to add once the consolidated data becomes available.

The final episode’s overnight figures topped the season’s premiere episode one of Game of Thrones, which, at 820,000, was itself a record breaker before being outdone by last night’s broadcast.

The Game of Thrones season seven audience has been incredibly engaged throughout the season with the show pulling in a cumulative average audience of 1.22 million viewers per episode.

Brian Walsh, Foxtel’s executive director of television, said, “Winter may have come to Westeros, but last night’s ratings prove that Game of Thrones on Foxtel is hotter than ever. The incredible success of this worldwide phenomenon is evident not just from its gripping storytelling, unrivalled cinematography and nail-biting action, but from the response of its fans who tuned in to Foxtel in record numbers to watch the outstanding final episode of the season.

“The overnight performance of the series on Foxtel in Australia has eclipsed many global territories, including the UK. It’s a phenomenal result for the company.”

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