FTA broadcasters welcome Gov multinational tax crackdown

“Australian FTA broadcasters already face the highest licence fees in the world”

Commercial free-to-air television broadcasters have welcomed the Government’s introduction of legislation to force multinational tax avoiders to pay their fair share.

“We strongly support measures that require foreign multinationals to be on a level tax playing field with their Australian-based competitors,” Free TV CEO, Brett Savill said.

“In addition to paying corporate taxes, Australian free-to-air broadcasters already face the highest licence fees in the world – 115 times higher than in the United States,” Savill said.

Free TV said despite competing against services that are unregulated, pay little or no Australian taxes, and do not invest in local content production, Australia’s commercial free-to-air broadcasters are responsible for $6 out of every $10 spent on domestic content.

“We will continue working with the Government on reducing the outdated licence fees as the next critical step in ensuring Australians can continue to enjoy their favourite Australian drama and live sport free on TV,” Savill added.

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