Foxtel Group’s Hubbl launch: Binge, Kayo Sports accounts moving to new platform in February

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Foxtel Groups’ “quantum leap in entertainment technology” is just weeks away

Foxtel has started sharing launch details of its new home of streaming – Hubbl. Customers of Binge and Kayo Sports have started receiving communications about their streaming accounts.

The messaging to customers confirms that the launch of Hubbl is just over one month away.

An email this week to customers said:

Your current Binge My Account will transition to a Hubbl My Account. This is where you can manage your subscriptions from 14 February 2024.

Please note: your username and password will remain the same.

Currently, Binge is operated by Streamotion. As part of this update, Streamotion is changing its name to Hubbl. You will see this change reflected in your subscription billing, emails and text messages you receive from us.

The Foxtel Group is holding a formal launch event on February 21.

The Hubbl Glass TV – how much will it cost and what size screens will be available?

Hubbl puck and Hubbl Glass

When the Hubbl brand was revealed in October 2023, the Foxtel Group said the puck would be a small device that plugs into any compatible TV.

A second piece of hardware to be marketed under the brand will be Hubbl Glass. Foxtel calls the Hubbl Glass “a world-class TV with Hubbl and a high-quality built-in sound bar that only requires an internet connection and a power cord, no other wires”.

When revealing the new brand last October, Patrick Delany, CEO, Hubbl and Foxtel Group, explained: “We all love the explosion of choice that streaming has delivered us over the past few years. But there is no doubt we are all experiencing the same frustrations: having to go in and out of apps, keeping track of show recommendations. Remembering what we started but did not finish watching, and who in the family is paying for what. Hubbl solves these frustrations.

“Hubbl is the next quantum leap in entertainment technology. It is the solution to a complex Australian streaming landscape caused by the fabulous explosion of choice in streaming services available to Australians.”

Delany continued: “Hubbl is like nothing in the market – ‘it is TV and streaming made easy’ – seamlessly integrating world-leading technology with a purpose-built design and unrivalled app integration that sets it well ahead of the curve.

“It has been built with Australian consumers in mind, effortlessly fusing free and paid entertainment and sport from apps, channels and the internet into one seamless user experience. All are delivered via Hubbl Hub or a world-leading TV, Hubbl Glass. It will deliver a frictionless paid and free entertainment environment, and we believe will become the heart of the home for millions of Australians.”

Within the Foxtel Group, Hubbl was previously branded Project Magneto. Talking to Mediaweek mid-year about its development, Patrick Delany explained:

“This will be a separate unit to Foxtel and it is a platform to aggregate streaming. It will be important for Australian media businesses. We have the jewels in the Australian content crown in Binge and Kayo which form a good hub around which to aggregate. We are in some very constructive conversations with our colleagues in free-to-air to bring them along with us, to unite as an Australian broadcasting industry to make sure we’re not left behind is important.

“At the same time, there is a demand from all of our international partners that stream who say they’d like to be on a platform like that where discounts are offered. [For consumers], discounts would be offered for the more content they took.”

Is the time for Hubbl now?

Earlier this month, Hubbl released research findings that on average Australians are spending 60.5 days per year in front of the television.

The research reported: “The survey of more than 1,000 Australians found that from these 60 days, almost 23 days per year were spent simply searching for something to watch next – implying a frustrating entertainment experience as Australians navigate the complex streaming landscape.”

Executive director of Hubbl, Dani Simpson, said: “We’re currently wasting just over 22 days per year searching for what’s next. That’s a lot of time spent hopping in and out of different apps, trying to figure out where a specific show is streaming or a must-watch sports documentary.

“Hubbl is the solution to these challenges and why we’re excited to bring this new entertainment experience to millions of Australians. We can help you find your next TV obsession more quickly so you can get back to what you love most – being entertained.”


Foxtel Group’s streaming numbers

As of September 30, 2023, these are the numbers of Binge and Kayo Sports’ customers as reported by News Corp. (An update on the numbers as of December 31, 2023 will be available in early February.)

• Kayo Sports reached 1.411 million subscribers (1.403 million paid), up 11% YOY
• Binge reached 1.506 million subscribers (1.449 million paid), up 4% YOY

Foxtel Group will soon be releasing full details of its Hubbl content partners, both free and paid-for, plus pricing for the Hubbl puck and Hubbl Glass.

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