Footy Show crumbles: Sam Newman’s own show, Damian Barrett quits

Newman could go on the market following a meeting scheduled on Thursday with network bosses.

Shane Warne and Sam Newman have plotted the idea of doing a nightly TV show together as D-day approaches for Newman and his employer, Nine Network, reports Jackie Epstein in the Herald Sun.

Warne said the network should re-sign Newman, who has headlined The Footy Show for 25 years and is out of contract at the end of this month.

Newman could go on the market following a meeting scheduled on Thursday with network bosses, reports Epstein.

“Sam is Channel 9. Sam Newman is everything Channel 9. He should have his own show,” Warne said on Monday talking to the paper.

“There is an amazing opportunity for anyone who comes up with the right nightly show.”

Epstein reported names floated for a potential show include Tonight Live with Shane and Sam and Melbourne Live.

The Herald Sun reported Newman and Warne played golf together on Monday at The Metropolitan Golf Club to celebrate one month to go until the World Cup of Golf.

Newman, who said goodbye on-air last month, was philosophical about his TV fate.

“What will be will be,” he told the Herald Sun.

“They have summonsed me. They run their network and company how they want.”

Damian Barrett quits the Footy Show

Damian Barret

As Nine decides what to do about its Thursday night football slot, The Footy Show’s AFL newsbreaker Damian Barrett revealed last week he has quit the program.

Barrett, who hosts a weekly podcast The Sounding Board with former boss Craig Hutchison, explained he had quit the program for his dream job, running football coverage online at

While Barrett will cease to be a salaried employee at Crocmedia, he will continue The Sounding Board podcast and is expected to remain part of Triple M’s AFL team. He also indicated he hoped to continue working with Nine where he is a contributor on The Sunday Footy Show.

Another continuing link with Crocmedia will see the group managing his career.

Barrett is spending a week with Hutchison in New York as part of an annual ritual where they watch as much NFL as possible in their favourite New York bars.

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