Five (scary) things to watch this weekend

It is halloween this weekend and you are not short of scary movie options. Here are our picks to the weekends best scares

By Dan Barrett

Saturday night is Halloween and there is no better way to spend Saturday night than watching horror-themed movies while pigging out on the candy you purchased just in case you get some trick or treaters at your door. Thankfully there are no shortage of horror films on the various SVOD services or on free-to-air TV on Saturday night.

Thanks to the “Movie Slayhem” festival of scary movies that have aired on SBS2 all month, there is an amazing selection of horror films on the SBS On Demand service including greats like Child’s Play, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Troll Hunter, Patrick, and [REC].

Here are five other great options that are well worth checking out:

It Follows
A horror film that takes itself seriously, It Follows is about a teenage girl who is haunted by nightmares and a sense that something is coming after her, following a recent strange sexual encounter. Available on Netflix.

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Eden Lake
Starring Michael Fassbender, this slasher film features a couple on a romantic holiday who fall afoul of the greatest horror threat of all: a gang of teenagers. Available on Netflix

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Ash Vs Evil Dead
This TV series spin-off of the original Evil Dead film and its sequel, debuts on local streaming service Stan a few hours ahead of its US airing. Original Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell reprises his role of Ash as he again takes on the deadites.

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Tim Burton-a-thon
Airing on Go! this Saturday night are three family friendly Tim Burton films featuring light horror themes.
6pm Corpse Bride
7:35pm Addams Family Values
9:35pm Beetlejuice

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The Schlocky Horror Halloween Special
Sydney community television station TVS are broadcasting a curated selection of films from 5pm until the early hours of the morning. Expect some gems throughout the night, with titles including:
Casper The Friendly Ghost (1948), The Monster of Phantom Lake (2006), It Came From Another World (2007), Ghost Parade (1931), The Amateur Monster Movie (2011), Dracenstein (2005), Frankenstein (1952), and The Ghastly Repeat of Johnny X (2012)

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