Getaway was always a “dream” for Married at First Sight’s Evelyn Ellis and now she’s living it

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Evelyn Ellis: “Who doesn’t want to travel and call it work?”

Married at First Sight Australia 2023’s Evelyn Ellis is proof that if you want something you can get it. As a child, the reality star used to sit at home watching Getaway with her family and now she’s bagged a guest spot on the show.

Speaking to Mediaweek before the second episode of her outing aired, the former MAFS bride revealed that the opportunity was nothing short of a “dream come true”; however, it was unexpected, not sure how it all came about.

“I think in life I do try to do everything with all my heart and put my best foot forward, so, I guess maybe they just had a spot available,” she admitted, before adding: “I think they maybe thought that Evelyn would be entertaining for a minute or two, and so I jumped on and had lots of fun and hopefully I get to do it again. That’s all you can really ask for in this industry.”

During the Saturday, June 24 episode of the series, Evelyn stopped off at Balls Head Reserve to showcase her favourite view of the harbour, before enjoying her cocktail of choice at Cantina OK! and then tested her luck at the Imperial Hotel with some drag bingo while enjoying a dazzling performance by the fierce and fabulous drag queens.

Now, she will return for a second guest spot on Saturday, July 8, visiting a Paint and Sip, thrift shopping around Sydney and will also go to a Korean BBQ with her new boyfriend — and another Groom from her season — Duncan James, and his sister, Renee.

Getaway is everyone’s dream job,” she said. “You know, who doesn’t want to work with an amazing team and travel and call it work and explore these beautiful places? It’s definitely a sought-after role.”

As to whether it will be a regular occurrence, she said: “It’s up to the universe, not me.”

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Evelyn Ellis, behind-the-scenes of Getaway. Supplied

Evelyn Ellis reveals if Getaway was more difficult than MAFS

When asked if being a presenter on Getaway was more difficult than any aspect of MAFS, she said that “both are hard formats in their own way.”

“With presenting, people do it for years and years and years to get great at it. You really do have to have a full level of confidence to completely be yourself in front of the camera and be like, if I mess up, then I mess up. Great.”

Since filming wrapped on MAFS, the 27-year-old struck up a wildly-publicised romance with Duncan; however, they have yet to be able to enjoy a holiday together.

“We have been so freaking busy. It’s been crazy,” she said. “I call our lives now, ‘the Big Brother house’. So, every day before bed, I go: ‘Well, that’s another day in the Big Brother house’. Because, the things that come our way, and the revelations that happen from Monday to Sunday, it’s just madness.

“So, we’ve really been just trying to roll with the punches. Just enjoy it. So, we haven’t had time to travel yet, but I doubt that we will be deprived of it in the near future.”

Catch Evelyn Ellis on Getaway on Saturday, July 8 at 5.30 pm on 9 and 9Now.

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