EFTM expands with launch of Android app


• The app launch for Android completes the first phase of EFTM’s direct to consumer strategy

Men’s lifestyle publication EFTM have announced the launch of its full-featured app for Android users, to complement the launch of its iPhone app last year.

This launch allows all EFTM readers to access new content in a mobile-first environment, with all new content published at EFTM.com now able to served directly to its readers via instant notifications.

The launch for Android devices completes the first phase of EFTM’s direct to consumer strategy, which began early last year in response to Facebook shutting down Australian media pages on its platform.

EFTM.com editor Trevor Long said: “For years I, like many others, had spent a lot of time and money building large audiences on our Facebook pages.

“Facebook made it very clear that it could wipe out my audience in an instant, disconnecting us from our passionate and growing audience that had specifically asked for our content.

“While that was Facebook’s right, it was an alarming reminder that we don’t own that connection to audience. I decided there and then that I needed a more direct strategy.

“That included using our email database more, but also I wanted to find a way to ensure readers know when new content was published – something that they might have found out previously via posts on Social Media,” he said.

By the middle of 2021, EFTM had launched its full featured app for iPhone. The app was an instant success, reaching well into the Top 10 News apps for iPhone regularly, and reaching strong engagement levels thanks to both the home-screen Widgets and Instant notifications enabled.

However, the search for an Android developer took some time as Trevor explained: “I wanted an Android app from the get-go, however I found it hard to find a developer who had experience in the exact features I wanted to be part of the app. All the developers were off-shore and didn’t fill me with confidence in the early discussions.

“Remarkably, my EFTM F1 Podcast co-host Harry Tucker offered to build the app, and his late night and weekend work has paid amazing dividends with an app that is exactly what I’ve wanted, and has features not yet even launched within the Apple iPhone version of our app. It’s outstanding and I’m also delighted to have been able to deliver this while developing it within Australia.

“Both apps have taken considerable time and effort alongside an investment which I think helps us stand out as an Independent media operation. It ultimately sets us on a strong course to own a direct connection to our ever-growing audience and not be beholden to the whims of other parties.

“This is something that will benefit our readers and our business. We can now make clear commitments to our sponsors and advertisers that they will reach a highly engaged audience, and we aren’t reliant on an algorithm that is increasingly stacked against businesses,” he said.

The EFTM Android app features content written content published on EFTM.com, category sliders separating content into tech, cars and lifestyle podcasts published by Trevor, EFTM ID that offers users entry into our promotions and giveaways.

It also has Ask Trev – a feature that allows users to email Trevor seeking tech advice or help which will feature in the podcast, and notifications which give users the option to choose which categories to receive Push notifications direct to devices.

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