Seven saves Doctor Blake Mysteries: #1 drama to continue in series of telemovies

Doctor Blake will finish its run on the ABC in November

Craig McLachlan

Further details about the move of The Doctor Blake Mysteries from the ABC to Seven West Media have emerged.

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Seven confirmed at its October Allfronts it will be the home of the highest-rating Australian drama series after it finishes its run on the ABC this year.

Seven said the move means stars Craig McLachlan (Blake) and Nadine Garner (Jean) will return, as well as other familiar faces and some new players.

It is believed the series will continue via a series of telemovies, perhaps as many as four across the year. Seven is also thought to have access to the back catalogue which could be available for streaming via the new 7Plus on-demand platform.

Doctor Blake will finish its run on the ABC with a final regular episode on the first Sunday in November, which will be followed by a telemovie a week later.

Julie McGauran, Seven’s head of drama, said:

The Doctor Blake Mysteries is not only the number one Australian drama, it has one of the most adoring fan bases a show could wish for. With the passionate vision of Team Blake, the extraordinary cast led by Craig McLachlan and Nadine Garner, and the commitment from the Blake Army, we feel this series is a perfect fit for Channel Seven.”

George Adams, series co-creator and showrunner, said:

“We are all beyond excited to call Channel Seven the home of Blake and we cannot wait to open this exciting new chapter in the extraordinary journey that has been and still is The Doctor Blake Mysteries. This is a sweet reward for our loyal Blake Army, and it will be a pleasure to continue the success of Blake with Seven, which has already encouraged us to new heights in our storytelling.”

Tony Wright, series co-creator and creative director December Media, said:

“It is a testament to everyone who has been involved in making The Doctor Blake Mysteries the success it is that it has found a new home at Seven.”

Craig McLachlan said:

“The people have spoken and the good folk at Seven were listening. Their enthusiasm for the show has been amazing. And the support we’ve received from the Blake Army has been genuinely overwhelming. Our ever-loyal audience continues to demonstrate their love for their favourite Aussie drama by tuning in each week in jaw-dropping numbers. To them, on behalf of the entire Blake team I say thank you.”

In revealing some of the plot twists to expect next year, Seven said the new episodes will pick up in 1963 as Australia sits on the cusp of a brave new world:

A world awash with murder, mystery and mayhem. JFK has just been assassinated and the universe may never be the same again. Blake and Jean face greater challenges than they could ever have imagined. Haunted houses, flying saucers, deadly dentists, long lost daughters and much, much more. They’re challenges the two of them will face together.

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