Decoding Crypto podcast returns to Nova for a third season

Decoding Crypto

• Edwina Stott and Ben Simpson are helping listeners understand the latest financial revolution

Nova’s podcast that helps separate cryptocurrency fact from fiction, Decoding Crypto, is returning for a third season.

Financial journalist Edwina Stott and Collective Shift CEO Ben Simpson are helping listeners understand the latest financial revolution from Monday 8 August.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Stott and Simpson will take listeners through the most important cryptocurrency news and explain the concepts.

Ben Simpson said, “Bitcoin has gone down more than 50%, seven times since its inception because the crypto market is still relatively new, it trades 24/7 and anyone in the world can invest instantly making it one of the most volatile asset classes on the planet.

“Most people look at a short frame, but if you zoom out over the past two years Bitcoin is still up more than 100% and continues to increase in market cap size, transaction volume and usage across the network. This is a great time to start learning about Bitcoin and Digital Assets, when there isn’t the hype and asset prices are undervalued.”

Simpson had his introduction to crypto in 2016. A long-term investor, he is on a mission to simplify this asset class and help create generational wealth for others. Simpson has been working in the space and building crypto education companies since 2017 and has been through multiple bear and bull markets.

Ben Simpson

Edwina Stott said, “Cryptocurrency is one of the most exciting financial revolutions of our time. It is different in almost every way to our current financial systems. One thing that unfortunately is the same is the fact that it is incredibly male dominated.

“I’m passionate about helping women to better understand this new financial technology so that, if cryptocurrency is the future of finance, we are not left behind. I’m thrilled to be able to share my knowledge through Decoding Crypto and help as many women as possible to better understand this fascinating space.”

Edwina Stott

Stott is an award-winning journalist with over 15 years’ experience reporting, producing and presenting for the BBC, ABC, Fairfax Media and NOVA Entertainment. Edwina worked as a financial journalist for BBC Radio 4 & 5 Live in the UK and since moving to Australia 10 years ago, now produces and presents radio documentaries and podcasts for ABC Radio National and NOVA Entertainment’s Nova Podcasts. Stott is the only person outside of the US to have completed the Transom Story Mentorship and holds a first-class law degree.

Decoding Crypto returns to the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network with a new episode dropping every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Listen to Decoding Crypto via the Nova Player or wherever you access your podcasts.

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