David Crowe crowned Federal Press Gallery Journalist of the Year

David Crowe

In his acceptance speech, Crowe gave mention to Andrew Probyn and Brihony Speed

It’s been an interesting few weeks in Canberra – although you could argue that it’s rare that that’s not the case – but on Wednesday night the Federal Press Gallery and politicians had a break to get dressed up for The Midwinter Ball.

Taking home the big award of Federal Press Gallery Journalist of the Year was chief political correspondent for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, David Crowe

In a statement, the judges said that “He is scrupulously fair, always balanced and his sources are checked and double checked. 

“He’s both a news-breaker and one of the sharpest analysts in the business.”

In his acceptance speech for the award, Crowe said he was “blown away to accept this award,” before giving a mention to (now former) ABC political editor Andrew Probyn and producer Brihony Speed. Last week, the pair fell into the firing line of redundancies at the ABC in the wake of a major restructuring at the public broadcaster.

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“I’m really thinking about Andrew Probyn and Brihony Speed,” Crowe said on stage. “The word ‘redundancy’ is such an awful word. It suggests you’re unnecessary. And that’s a terrible thing with someone like Andrew Probyn, with someone like Brihony Speed.”

Speaking about the win for David Crowe, executive editor of the Herald, The Age, Brisbane Times and WAToday, Tory Maguire said: “That this award also acknowledges his leadership is especially significant. He’s a generous colleague to everyone in the newsroom, including his editors, and is respected right across the press gallery and the parliament.”

The Herald and The Age senior economics correspondent, Shane Wright, also got a Highly Commended mention.

“Shane’s recognition is also to be celebrated,” said Maguire. “Our readers are turning to Shane’s news breaking and analysis in ever increasing numbers as the economic situation gets more and more complicated. His ability to translate uncertainty is unparalleled.”

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