Caroline Wilson and Corrie Perkin in broadcast deal with Crocmedia

Crocmedia is expanding its Crocmedia Podcast Series

Caroline Wilson

Crocmedia has announced it is expanding its Crocmedia Podcast Series. The growing media company run by Craig Hutchison and Chris Giannopoulos has around 30 podcasts, mainly podcasts of radio and TV shows it broadcasts.

At present it has one original podcast that features unique content – The Sounding Board. Crocmedia CEO Hutchison has announced they will be launching a second unique podcast next week.

The new audio project is Don’t Shoot The Messenger which will feature a weekly discussion between journalists Caroline Wilson and Corrie Perkin. The two are former colleagues at The Age and longtime friends. Corrie Perkin, who’s father was the legendary Age editor Graham Perkin, left The Age many years ago and worked as a reporter for Harper’s Bazaar Australia among other things and also opened bookshops in Melbourne.

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