Sports score: Nine’s summer of cricket reaches 16,096,415 unique viewers

Nine has run the numbers on its total audience across the summer

With the end of the international cricket season over in Australia, Nine has run the numbers on its total audience across the summer.

The broadcaster reports a total of 16,096,415 unique viewers across Australia (i.e. the total number of individuals who watched any part of any day’s play) tuned in to Nine’s Summer of Cricket during the 2017-2018 season.

Across the five metropolitan capital cities, the cumulative reach across the summer was 11.340 million unique viewers, representing 66.4% of the metropolitan population.

With regional viewers, the cumulative reach was 4.756 million unique viewers, representing 61.3% of the regional population.

This included The Magellan Ashes Series, which saw Australia stay undefeated with a 4-0 victory over England, before England got a measure of revenge in The Gillette One Day International series, winning 4-1.

This all culminated in The Gillette International Twenty 20 Series, which also saw New Zealand join Australia and England to do battle, with Australia victorious.

The highest-rating session by average viewers across the summer of cricket was session three, day two of the second Test between Australia and England in Adelaide, which achieved a national average audience of 2.102 million people (1.531 million metro, 573,000 regional).

The highest-rating session by peak viewers across the summer of cricket was the very same session, which achieved 2.458 million people (1.717 million metro, 740,000 regional).

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