Corporate roll call: Digging into the Mediaweek 100 and who missed out?

Mediaweek 100

Just 10 media companies managed to have more than one entry, who so many from News Corp?

It’s been a few days since we started publishing the Mediaweek 100. The idea for the list was to celebrate and rank the people who make the big decisions about the media content Australians, and a significant international audience, consume.

Big media: Why so many News Corp execs?

One fact that was very evident from even a cursory look at the Mediaweek 100 was the prominence of News Corp Australia executives. (Disclaimer: A major Mediaweek advertiser.) Those executives ranged from the founder Rupert Murdoch, no longer an Australian citizen or resident. But that didn’t rule him out of our calculations. The rest of the News Corp 16 entries included people from all parts of the media group from Sky News to Fox Sports to Foxtel Media to

Only one other company made it to double figures – there were 10 people from all parts of Nine Entertainment Co.

And just one other company had more than five entries (Seven Group/Seven West Media with seven) and only seven other companies had more than one entry.

The 10 companies with multiple entries accounted for 52 people on the Mediaweek 100.

That means there were around 50 companies with a single entry. (The number is not exact because there were 108 people in total on our list because of dual entries and some people work across several media companies.)

Mediaweek 100: Who missed out?

Plenty of people missed the list. The roll call of people and media companies who are missing from the list is very impressive. So much so that we are toying with an expanded Mediaweek 200 to celebrate a very impressive number of entries from 101 to 200!


Look at some of these brands and businesses – all with great leaders (in no particular order):

Spotify, Beyond, ESPN, NEP, Easy Tiger, Private Media, Hoodlum, VMO, WTFN, mamamia, Jungle, acast, Nielsen, IAB Australia, Roy Morgan, Pinterest, GfK, Whooskaa, Snap, OzTAM and many more.

Tomorrow in Mediaweek

More Mediaweek 100 stats and, finally, the people that were too big for the Mediaweek 100.

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