Canberra Radio Ratings 2023, Survey 2: Mix 106.3 still number one

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HIT 104.7 down 2.8

Canberra Radio Ratings GfK Survey 2
Survey Period: Sun Feb 26 to Sat Mar 25 & Sun Apr 23 to Sat Jun 17

UP: MIX 106.3 +1.6

MIX 106.3 25.8% (24.2%)

ARN’s Mix106.3 remains the top Canberra commercial network for another survey, lifting 1.6 points for a 25.8% share.

The breakfast slot with Kristen and Nige remains the top breakfast show in the region with a 26.1% share, a rise of 3.4 points from the last survey. Mix 106.3’s mornings with Nige and then Pat have dropped to a 26.3% share, dropping 3.1 points. In the later part of the day, Drive experienced a rise of 3.9 points to reach a share of 25.6%, and remains Canberra’s top overall drive program. 

The station dominates among the 10-17, 40-54, and 55-64 demographics.

HIT 104.7 14.7% (17.5%)

SCA’s Hit104.7 dropped 2.8 points this survey for a share of 14.7%, while dominating the 18-24 demographic with a 28.7% share, despite dropping 16.5 points. 

The network’s strongest program was Hit104.7’s mornings slot with a 18.2% share.

Breakfast with Ned and Josh dropped 3.9 points for a 12.5% share.

2CA 6.3% (6.9%)

2CA dropped 0.3 points but still placed third among the commercial networks. The network had the strongest hold on the 65+ demographic with a 11.5% share. 

2CA’s breakfast show, The Classic Breakfast with Holmsey & Scotty, was down 0.5 points for a share of 6.5%. 

2CC 4.6% (4.8%)

2CC dropped 0.2 points to reach a 4.6% share. The drive slot performed the best for the network with a 5.0% share. The station’s strongest demo was 55-64 with a 10.9% share.

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