Byron Bay vibes power WILD Universal Media magazine launch

• The publisher has said the title is targeted to millennial women

Universal Media Group has this week launched a new title that comes to readers via Byron Bay – WellBeing WILD.

The publisher has said the title is targeted to millennial women, claiming WellBeing WILD is something new on the publishing landscape. “The younger sister of WellBeing magazine, WILD is a journal for positive living.”

A branding statement from Universal said: The WellBeing WILD Mindset – Pragmatic Positivity.

The publisher added: “WellBeing WILD is a new publication for the curious – the thought leaders, belief shakers, paradigm shifters and paradise creators.”

Editor Kate Duncan explained, “WellBeing WILD is for those going against the grain, swimming upstream, standing boldly in the arena, asking the hard questions and doing the prickly work – on themselves and the way they create their lives.”

Duncan added the new title gives a voice to a generation that, “works hard to create a life filled with purpose, passion and freedom. This is a WILD life.”

She noted that while news media obsesses over smashed avocado stereotypes, the spending power of millennials grows each year.

WILD readers are forming households, developing careers, having babies and building lives that integrate lessons from the past with how they visualise their future,” said Duncan.

“They want to find paradise – within themselves and in their day-to-day lives – and will work hard until it happens. WellBeing WILD is for those who resist the status quo and believe wholeheartedly in change, doing everything they can to create it. It’s for those who embrace the murky unknown, despite how uncomfortable it might make them feel. Ultimately, WILD exists to awaken the energy inside of you that inspires you to take action.”

WellBeing WILD is the creation of Kate Duncan, an entrepreneurial media professional who lives and works from a home studio in Byron Bay. She has worked as a photographer and writer and has spent seven years at WellBeing.

WellBeing WILD is available in Australia and New Zealand for RRP $12 in newsagencies, airport retail, Coles stores and online.

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