BuzzFeed news app launches in Australia

BuzzFeed today launched their news app for Australia.

BuzzFeed has today unveiled its news app for the Australian market. The site that built its following on adorable cat content has matured and evolved rapidly, now offering a strong mix of lifestyle and news content.

The release of the app represents part of the trend for digital first companies to further integrate into their audiences mobile experience, occupying real estate on their audiences home screens along with the ability to push notifications.

With a mix of global and local stories, Australia is strongly represented on the news app.

BuzzFeed’s announcement cited app features that include:

  • In-depth, on-the-ground reporting from our global award-winning journalists

  • Global Feed, Localised notifications: customisable push notifications so you never missing out on the biggest stories in Australia and globally.

  • An easy way to Quickly Catch Up on the top stories.  Every week day, our editors create and update a handy and shareable guide to the biggest and most important stories of the hour. The app also let’s you dig in for more news when you have time.

  • Snooze: our ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature ensures we won’t be sending notifications to someone in the middle of their night (unless of course they want us to).

  • an in-line video player that will never, ever autoplay.

  • Gifs that autoload!

  • Emojis!

  • This app is truly global, so features dayparting.  The news feed is tailored to the market that’s awake, meaning it will include Australian content when our audience is seeking the latest news

  • a nifty Apple Watch experience.

  • Social embeds. The app natively supports embedding newsworthy tweets. The BuzzFeed News app is one of the first to use Twitter’s native SDK. The app also supports embedding Vines and Facebook embeds

The BuzzFeed app is available now in the iTunes app store and on Google Play.

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