Nine Upfront 2021: Brooke Corte the face of Nine’s new superband – Money

Nine’s superbrands now include Money, Domain, Traveller, Good Food, CarAdvice and Good Weekend and Sunday Life.

Nine has used the 2021 Upfront presentation to unveil Money, its latest cross-platform superbrand which will live across television, radio, newspapers and digital.

The Money brand will be centred, in broadcast channels, on financial journalist Brooke Corte, who hosts Nine’s top rating finance program Money News on 2GB, 3AW and 4BC, and will also involve bespoke solutions on television and within Nine’s publishing assets.

“This year, Brooke has been a brilliant addition to the Nine Radio family,” said Richard Hunwick, Nine’s Director of Sales – Television and Radio. “On weeknights Brooke has been presenting, fast paced, in-depth and up-to-the-minute coverage of the day’s events with everything our listeners need to know about their finances and investments.

“We will now be extending that brand across all platforms. For marketers this will mean the opportunity to extend their involvement with Money right across our full radio footprint, across our digital and print platforms and on to television via bespoke updates in programs likes A Current Affair. Additionally, there will be bespoke sponsored extensions offered through Good Weekend or the Money section of our mastheads.”

“This year saw our whole world change and our attitude to money has too. Our finances have been snapped firmly into focus in 2020,” said Brooke Corte, the host of Money on Nine Radio.

“Personal finance has never been more important. I’m passionate about how we can cut through the noise to talk in depth about the economy, our household finances, and our small businesses.

“Australians are working harder for every single dollar, which means we are more focused than ever on getting a better deal on our mortgage, a lower rate on a business loan, and finding smarter ways to invest and grow our money.”

Nine will also to seek to utilise other on-air and editorial talent in the personal finance space as it seeks to build the Money brand across its unique combination of platforms.

Nine launched its superbrands strategy last year at its 2020 Upfront with the aim of building its reach and audience across key verticals such as property, auto, travel and food.

“Superbrands was one of the key initiatives introduced via Powered in the last 18 months,” said Hunwick. “It was born from our publishing expertise, in verticals such as travel and real estate, and brings together Nine’s assets in a simple and coherent fashion, allowing clients to amplify their message in a relevant and contextual environment.”

Nine’s superbrands now include Money, Domain, Traveller, Good Food, CarAdvice and Good Weekend and Sunday Life.

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