Box Office: Unhinged and Made in Italy lead on quiet weekend

• Unhinged is the most successful film since cinemas reopened

It was a slow weekend for the Australian box office which saw revenue dip by 43% after making a total of $1.19m. Leading the way is Unhinged starring Russel Crowe which is #1 on the Australian box office for the fourth week in a row, and Made in Italy starring father-son duo Liam Neeson and Micheál Richardson.

#1 Unhinged $320,101

The most successful film since Covid-19 lockdowns begun to ease around the country has continued to roll on as its total revenue now sits at $2.79m after averaging $1,667 on 192 screens.

#2 Made in Italy $214,095

After debuting last week at #3 the film has moved up one spot in its second week of release after averaging $1,634 on 131 screens. The comedy film about a father and son has made a total of $578,140.

#3 Train to Busan 2- Peninsula $95,048

The Korean zombie film has been in cinemas for three weeks (including a one-week promotional release) and made a total of $416,717. This past weekend it averaged $1,068 on 89 screens.

#4 Force of Nature $83,358

The Mel Gibson film opened at #2 last week and has slid down two spots in its second week of release after averaging $531 on 157 screens. The action film’s total now sits at $341,597.

#5 The Secret: Dare to Dream $79,506

The film based on the best selling self-book The Secret has returned to the top five after slipping to #6 last week despite making 45% less revenue. The film averaged $416 on 191 screens bringing its total to $905,189.

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