Box Office: Thor holds at #1 as it speeds past $20m in 11 days

The total for the top 20 movies held above $13m.

Box office takings eased just 7% across the four-day weekend, meaning the total for the top 20 movies held above $13m. Three new releases made it into the top five, but none of them were able to open at #1.

#1 Thor: Ragnorak $6.68m

Already one of the year’s biggest movies, it held on 781 screens with a screen average of $8,555 with its takings down 34% on its opening weekend. The movie has taken just over $20m in total after 11 days in release. The last film to make it to $20m in its second week was Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2, which had $23.06m in total on its second weekend.

#2 Bad Moms 2 $2.83m

The only other movie to open over $1m was this sequel, which is called A Bad Moms Christmas in the US. The movie opened on 440 screens with an average of $6,454. It’s not that long since the original surfaced here – August 2016, when it opened with $3.24m on 398 screens with a screen average of $8,153.

#3 Jigsaw $928,000

Another horror film release has found its way into the top five, being released just two days after Halloween. This is the eighth instalment of the Saw franchise kick-started by the mega-successful Australian filmmakers James Wan and Leigh Wannell. Jigsaw opened on 205 screens with a screen average of $4,530. The previous Saw movie was Saw 3D way back in 2010.

#4 Blade Runner 2049 $363,000

After five weeks the sci-fi movie remains in the top five on 174 screens with a screen average just over $2,000. The movie passed $12m in total over the weekend.

#5 My Little Pony: The Movie  $363,000

A fantasy film based on the TV series opened on 213 screens with a screen average of $1,705.

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