Box Office: Shang-Chi the clear winner in another quiet week

Shang Chi

• This week the Australian box office made $3.48 million

This week the Australian box office made $3.48 million. This is up 72% on last week’s quiet week of $2.02 million.

Entering the top five this week is Honsla Rakh (which translates to ‘Cheer Up’) at #3, an Indian Punjabi-language romantic comedy film directed by Amarjit Singh Saron. The film tells the story of a divorced father who raisees his son single handedly while navigating the dtating world.

The Suicide Squad also makes a return to the top five after coming in at #7 on the box office chart last week.

Dropping out of the top five is Ainbo: Amazon Princess in its fifth week of release, and Disney’s Jungle Cruise which dances in and out of the top five week on week.

#1, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, $1.44 million

Sitting in first place by a considerable margin, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the only film to crack a million this week. In its seventh week of release, the film averaged $3,848 over 374 screens for a total of $11.46 million.

#2, Free Guy, $280,331

With a significant drop to second place, Free Guy averaged $1,117 over 251 screens in its 10th week of release. It’s made a total of $8.27 million total.

#3, Honsla Rakh, $220,218

In its debut week, Honsla Rakh averaged a whopping $5,243 across just 42 screens. 

#4, Paw Patrol: The Movie, $206,943

Having made a total of $2.81 million so far, the pups from Paw Patrol have joined forces with a savvy dachshund to save the citizens of Adventure City. The film averaged $1,056 across 196 screens.

#5, The Suicide Squad, $130,651

Dropping under the $200,000 mark in its 11th week of release, The Suicide Squad jumps from seventh to fifth place. Averaging $990 over 132 screens, it has made a total of $5.84 million.

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