Boomtown reveal impressive sales and growth for San Remo pasta in regional Australia


• The campaign recorded 47% category growth across the regions

Boomtown has revealed the impressive sales and growth results for Australian pasta brand San Remo as a result of a multi-platform campaign, demonstrating the power of regional media to boost brand awareness and sales.

In one of the most comprehensive cross-media case studies released by Boomtown, San Remo turned a $1 million regional media advertising investment into impressive results, responsible for recording 47% category growth across the campaign regions, a 9.4% sales increase in spaghetti, 0.9% increase in dollar value and 0.6% increase in volume share1 in the highly competitive specialty foods category.

San Remo chief marketing officer, James Askham-Levy, said: “Boomtown had a significant impact. We were able to deliver a healthy and natural source of carbohydrates to regional Aussie families, exponentially grow our dry pasta sales, and drive an impressive market share gain for the brand. For San Remo, Boomtown really did put regional media back on the map.”

The 12-week multi-platform campaign focused on making Friday night a new occasion for pasta for regional families, encouraging them keen to fuel up for weekend sport using the theme “Make Friday Night Pasta Night”.

It launched in regional markets across three Boomtown cities, comprising of more than 775,000 residents with a multi-platform campaign across radio, TV, out-of-home, and print and digital news formats.

The campaign was a resounding success, with a rise in market share and sales in active Boomtown regions, while post-campaign brand awareness nearly tripled with 35% of people agreeing that pasta was an “excellent choice the night before sport.”

Boomtown chairman and SCA chief sales officer, Brian Gallagher, said: “There are a stack of insights advertisers can gain from our San Remo case study and compelling evidence of the outstanding ROI and business growth regional media delivers.

“We’re delighted to share San Remo and Boomtown’s method for sales success,” he added.

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