Boomtown study shows regional Australians are happier and more positive


• The bi-annual study tracks the moods and concerns of regional Australians

Regional Australians remain happier and more content than their metro counterparts, irrespective of the pandemic, according to the new Boomtown Mood Monitor.

The bi-annual study tracks the moods and concerns of regional Australians from pre-COVID in 2019 to the present day, and how Boomtown residents are alike or differ from metro Australians.

55% of people in Boomtown feel happier and more positive despite living through two years of COVID-19 and rolling lockdowns, with a 6% uplift between October 2020 and 2021 alone.

Almost half (47%) of regional Aussies are saving for an important purchase: 36% saving for a house (up 13% since pre-COVID) and another 42% saving for a domestic holiday.

27% of people living in Boomtown say they’ll be ready to spend on big ticket items like a house, car, or holiday, within the next six months.

“Hey, guess what? Happy people spend more on the things they want and need! In this study we’ve gone all ‘researchy’ on the bleeding obvious, but it’s also obvious to connect these dots: Boomtown populations have plenty of disposable income and they are not afraid to spend it. The new Boomtown Mood Monitor allows us to predict behavioural trends to enable brands to capitalise on the 9.1 million regional Aussies who are looking to spend on travel, real estate, automotive and retirement planning in particular,” Boomtown chairman and SCA chief sales officer, Brian Gallagher, said

As the regional housing market continues its inexorable rise, with some regions recording 30%+ growth, housing affordability is the number one concern, up 10% on last year. More than four in five regional Aussies also believe that housing prices are over inflated.

Retiring financially secure is the major concern for regional Australians (54%) and significantly higher than metro residents (49%). Regional Aussies are also more concerned about paying bills (36%), affording groceries (23%) and petrol (23%) but these concerns have declined year on year.

There is also growing positive sentiment about the economy and a more upbeat outlook as 2021 draws to a close, with almost two in three regional Aussies feeling confident about their job security and 95% of Boomtown residents intending staying put.

This study follows the recent Boomtown Summer Study which found that 4.7 million, or 79% of metro summer travellers, will be heading to Boomtown this Christmas and New Year, an increase of 12% year on year. In addition, 2.1 million regional Aussies, or 85% of regional travellers, plan to explore or staycation in regional areas this Summer, providing huge opportunity for brands to reach relaxed Aussie holidaymakers at scale.

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