Ben, Liam & Belle take ‘median strip’ very literally in a particularly chilly OB

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It was a 10 degree morning in Melbourne as the trio stripped down

On Friday morning, Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle Melbourne breakfast show took their show to the streets to support their commitment to getting more eye balls on the show – broadcasting live from a median strip on the corner of Springvale road and Princess Hwy in Mulgrave for Ben, Liam & Belle’s Median Strip Show.

Giving drivers more than they expected while driving to work on Friday, trucks and cars bonked in support as listeners voted for which team member should strip first. Ben drew the short straw, and has been broadcasting live in speedos from 7am, with Liam next sporting red nipple tassels. Finally at 8.30am, Belle joined the boys, removing her numerous layers of jumpers, leggings and jackets, on a chilly 10 degree morning in Melbourne.


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Committed to entertaining their listeners – the show has been broadcast while suspended from a billboard, and Ben and Liam spent five days living and broadcasting from a glass box in Rundle Mall.

ben liam belle

Earlier this week, Ben, Liam & Belle spoke to their regular footy expert, Collingwood’s Josh Daicos, about the altercation with the Sydney Swans over the weekend and put him up to prank his brother Nick over the fines the team received while defending him. 

Josh asked his brother if he’d pay for half his fine, then doubled down and asked if he’d pay the whole fine.

After agreeing to pay the fine, guys revealed that they’d put his brother up to asking for the money.

Nick said, “You’re kidding me…You’re joking. I can’t believe you guys are waking me up with this.”

Liam said, “To be fair, you’ve come off very well. This is good news though. I’ll give you that much for free. Especially after just waking up.”

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Ben, Liam & Belle can be heard weekdays from 6 to 9am on Nova 100.

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