Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle put Josh Daicos up to prank brother Nick

Ben, Liam & Belle

Ben, Liam & Bella discussed Collingwood’s altercation with the Sydney Swans over the weekend

On May 10, Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle breakfast show spoke to their regular footy expert, Collingwood’s Josh Daicos, about the altercation with the Sydney Swans over the weekend and they put him up to prank his brother Nick over the fines the team received while defending him. 

Ben, Liam & Belle asked Josh Daicos the following questions:

Your captain and coach came out and apologised to the swans for the crowd booing Lance Franklin. What’s your stance on the booing?

Josh said, “I heard about it after the game watching everyone talking about it, out on the ground I  actually didn’t even notice it, which is quite bizarre. Yeah, I’d seen it after the game. Obviously a champion of the game, Lance is a really, really good player and competitor, It’s definitely not the reception we want our fans giving to a champion of the game. In saying that there’s been a few players in the past years that have copped that reception and it’s definitely not nice and as a club, we like to hold ourselves to a higher standard than that.

They talked about the fines issued after the game on the weekend, it got a little rough, the Swans were told to nuke your brother out of the game. They talked about his $1K fine for fighting.

Josh said, “There’s actually a few of us that got fined sticking up for Nick but you know, that’s what we do as teammates and I’m sure I’ll try and get Nick to divvy it up with me.”

Liam said, “If that was on the street and someone like you know was like putting your brother into the ground like it doesn’t matter if you’re on the footy field or not, you would obviously you know, stand up for your brother or your mates.”

What went through your head at that moment you saw your brother being targeted – imagine how his father reacted at home!

Josh said, “It’s been happening for a while, but I guess Sydney came out with even more aggression than what past teams have done. It definitely makes your blood boil. I couldn’t imagine Dad at home, Dad was watching the game from home I’m sure the neighbours would have had to deal with him shouting and screaming.

It’s tough when there are four or five grown men picking on a little 20 year old

“It’s definitely tough when there’s four or five of them and they’re grown men picking on a little 20 year old  It’s definitely tough and we’re just so lucky as a club. The way we can support Nick without and Brayden Mayard leads by the front with that he’s unbelievable.”

Ben said, “He’s in every single fight.”

Josh said, “It’s great that we could show in the game that you know we’re going to be there for Nick and we’re not going back down.”

Josh said, “We did expect the attention from Ryan Clark to Nick… definitely that aggression was a step up from last year. It definitely unifies us as a team..  as soon as that was happening it was easy for us to all come together, it really gets you in the game.”

Then, Ben, Liam & Belle put Josh up to prank his brother Nick and ask him to cover the fine he incurred after the altercation. Josh asks his brother if he’ll pay for half his fine, then doubles down and asks if he’ll pay the whole fine.

Josh said “Nick, did you just wake up? Don’t we have to be at MSAC soon?”

Josh said, “Anyway Shan (Shannon Collins – Collingwood’s football operations manager) wanted to know with the fine, do you reckon there is any way you could half it with me?”

Nick said, “Yeah, yeah of course.”

Josh said, “Good because I did have your back pretty quick and I just thought yeah, you know I wouldn’t have got the fine otherwise.”

Nick said, “I’m tempted to pay for Bruzzy’s too.”

Josh said, “Oh, that’s great of you. I just thought I’d try just because like you know, obviously it’s a lot of money and if you’re good for it, can you get the whole thing? “

Nick said, “Yeah”

Josh said, “Well yeah, maybe you should get the whole thing, tell Shan that you’ll pay for it and that’d be great, appreciate it, it would be good, I’m actually a bit low on cash right now so it actually works out well.”

Nick is concerned that his brother may have money worries. 

Nick said, “Are you okay?”

Then, the guys revealed that they’d put his brother up to asking for the money. 

Nick said, “You’re kidding me…You’re joking. I can’t believe you guys are waking me up with this.”

Liam said, “To be fair, you’ve come off very well. This is good news though. I’ll give you that much for free. Especially after just waking up.”

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