Ben and Liam get closer than usual in a maternity shoot for three

Ben liam maternity shoot

Ben Harvey is expecting his first child with wife Sam in late July

On Friday morning, Nova 100’s Ben, Liam & Belle revealed the photos from a special maternity shoot between Ben and his wife Sam… and Liam.

With Nova 100’s breakfast host Ben Harvey expecting his first child with wife Sam in late July, co-host Liam Stapleton took his role as Godfather to the next level by organising a maternity photo shoot for the pregnant couple.

In what is supposed to be one of life’s most special moments, capturing the time before their first child arrives, Godfather Liam Stapleton inserted himself in the moment. Photographer Niki Sprekos captured some special images of the couple – and their baby’s Godfather, Liam – that no one will be able to forget.

ben and liam

Liam said, “It was the greatest day of my life when Ben asked me to be the Godfather of his son.”

Ben said, “Didn’t you get engaged last year?”

Liam: “I really wanted to capture this moment, a really special moment, where Sam is just about to burst, we are just about to meet the little guy, I wanted to capture the moment forever.”

“I’ve never been that close to your wife in a bra before, and probably never will again.”

Ben: “The majority of comments (from listeners on their Instagram post) are it’s got a real keys in the bowl type feel.”

Liam: “I’ve never touched a pregnant belly before”

Ben said, “The entire experience was awkward, I didn’t think we were going to show as much skin. You may want to look at the photos before my wife Sam asks for them to be taken down.”

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