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beauty and the geek

• The beauties have their eyes and hearts open to new possibilities

Discover if opposites really do attract when one of Australia’s most heartfelt TV series, Beauty and the Geek, premieres on Sunday, July 11, at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now.

The 10 beauties and 10 geeks work together through a series of real-life challenges in the search to find a romantic spark or a lifelong friendship. Connections are made as two very different worlds collide and strong partnerships bloom in the most unlikely places.

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Aira – 23/NSW

23-year-old Aira is like the Kim Kardashian of her local community. Although she describes herself as ditzy and funny, Aira spends her weekdays working as a medical secretary and spends her weekends going out for dinner and cocktails with her girlfriends.

Aira’s last relationship was two years ago but she doesn’t struggle in the dating department. She says she is constantly approached by men but she is super picky about who she gives her attention to. Her wish list in a prospective partner includes ‘big veiny arms, nice teeth, smells good, hygienic, and most importantly, no thongs!’

Aira knows that confidence is the key to life. She says, “There’s nothing that a pair of heels and a bad ass attitude can’t fix.”

A performer at heart and inspired by her Persian heritage, Aira loves belly dancing and when she isn’t busy with her daily makeup and skin care routine, she can always be found blasting Beyonce in her room and dancing in the mirror.

Aira’s friends describe her as girly, loving and great at giving advice and as a self-confessed social butterfly, Aira never gets nervous in social situations and loves to meet new people.

Gullible and a little bit of a procrastinator, academia isn’t Aira’s strong suit but she doesn’t let that bother her. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and is always having a laugh with her friends.

Ashleigh – 31/QLD

Poised, sweet and super happy are all the traits 31-year- old Ashleigh and a princess have in common. A performer by trade, Ashleigh spent the past five years in Japan working at a large theme park, where she got to dress up as cartoon characters, superheroes and princesses every day.

A lover of an awkward silence, Ashleigh can be quite reserved and shy at times but also is often the complete opposite. Having attended a performing arts high school, Ashleigh loves to move her body to stay fit and especially loves hot yoga.

Ashleigh studied pathology collection at university and has a fascination with blood sciences. She’s eager to learn and is hoping the geeks can expand her knowledge on technological things. She says, “I have no idea about iCloud, so I think a geek could certainly teach me a few new things.”

Although she is no stranger to dating and knows she has a lot of love to give, Ashleigh is still on the lookout for her Prince Charming. She wants tall, dark and handsome but her absolute deal breaker is crooked teeth. Her friends and family describe her as being gentle and caring with a heart of gold and as a real-life princess. Her proudest achievement is having climbed to the top of Mt Fuji in the middle of the night to watch the morning sunrise, claiming it was the most physically and mentally challenging thing she has ever done. Ashleigh is most looking forward to the personal growth Beauty and the Geek will bring to her and the potential of helping her geek grow into a better version of himself.

Bryanna – 29/VIC

29-year-old Bryanna is an entertainment reporter, who loves to rollerblade along the beach. Her perfect weekend would involve getting up early and going for a rollerblade, followed by a coffee with her friends at a local café.

With a Bachelor of Professional Communications, Bryanna believes she still has a lot to learn from the geeks. She says, “I think we are never too old to learn something new and I can’t wait to do the challenges and push myself harder than I ever have before with a partner.”

Comparing herself to Bridget Jones, Bryanna has often been unlucky in love and has never had a boyfriend. She’s attracted to people’s souls and doesn’t have a usual type, so as long as a partner shares the same values, attitudes and philosophies as her, she would be pretty content.

Bryanna has had a pretty extraordinary career as a reporter and says her proudest achievement was interviewing Jim Carrey in Hollywood. This made Bryanna realise dreams do come true and that you should never give up on them.

Describing herself as bubbly, brilliant and bodacious, Bryanna boasts she has an uncanny ability to pick up on other people’s energies, making her great at working in teams and boosting morale. Bryanna says, “Stick me in front of a stadium full of people and I’ll shine brighter than a comet!”

Eliza – 21/NSW

21-year-old receptionist Eliza is larger than life with endless amounts of enthusiasm and energy. She’s a bit of a wild child, who is just enjoying being young and living in Bondi. Her passions are the gym, the beach, boys and drinking cocktails and although she has never been in a relationship, Eliza has no trouble talking to boys and often takes them out on ice cream dates.

Looking forward to everything when it comes to being in the game, Eliza wants to be able to teach the geeks to not take life too seriously. She describes herself as bubbly, positive and spontaneous and says in high school she loved to be the centre of attention.

Eliza says her strengths are her personality and her ability to not be too serious, but that her downfall is not thinking before she speaks and being forgetful. She is hoping this experience is going to be a new adventure, as she’s sick and tired of doing the same thing every day and wanted to do something crazy.

When it comes to boys, her ideal type is a bad boy with a tan and she describes herself as being super competitive and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Eliza has zero filter and will be the party starter of the beauties.

Gabrielle – 20/QLD

Gabrielle’s natural beauty lights up every room she steps foot into and her easy going and composed personality naturally puts others at ease. As a 20-year- old student studying Criminology, Gabrielle dreams of one day becoming a detective and hopes to work with juvenile offenders.

There isn’t much that throws Gabrielle off, a trait that she can thank her love of murder mystery documentaries for. She isn’t fazed by blood and guts and has a penchant for all that is creepy and twisted. This weird obsession is contrasted with her gentle nature which she believes stems from the loving relationship she shares with her brothers and sisters.

When she isn’t busy studying, Gabrielle fuels her creative side by spending her time painting and drawing – a hobby she has developed up a passion for over the last year. Although she boasts she works well in teams, Gabrielle does admittedly struggle with anything related to science, math and general knowledge.

Coming into Beauty and the Geek, Gabrielle is most looking forward to making new friends with the beauties and geeks but is still pretty nervous about the unknown that she could encounter. Her relationship history isn’t all that exciting and she says that she has always dated the wrong person at the wrong time. She admits she can be nervous in some social situations, and that as a child she was pretty shy. Gabrielle is hoping this shyness will help her understand the geeks and she hopes to be able to help them improve their self-confidence.

Jessica A – 19/WA

Jessica is a 19-year-old student studying Screen Production and Journalism, who sells ethical handmade clothing and accessories as a side hustle. She lists her hobbies as sewing, being environmentally conscious and spiritual and her adventurous personality is sure to not go unnoticed by the geeks.

Fiercely independent, Jessica loves to work by herself rather than in a team, as the idea of letting a teammate down is something she can’t bear to have caused. She’s a great public speaker but says she often struggles with thinking on the spot and her sarcastic nature can often get her into trouble.

Never having missed as episode of Beauty and the Geek while she was growing up, Jessica knows this is a once in a lifetime experience and is determined not to let this slip between her fingers. She’s most looking forward to meeting the geeks and says she has always gotten along better with geekier guys, since she knows there is a lot she can learn from them.

When it comes to her relationship history, Jessica had her first and only relationship last year. She says they were completely different people and her ideal partner is someone who is the male version of herself. She typically goes for nicer, introverted and gentle guys and usually steers clear of arrogant guys she just knows could ruin her life.

Jessica is pretty calm and collected in social situations and she hopes that she can boost her partner’s confidence, although she might need their help if she is faced with any challenges that involve snakes or reptiles.

Jess H – 23/SA

With a Bachelor of Media in Journalism, a Certificate in Meteorology, and the ability to recite 30 elements of the periodic tables by memory, 23-year-old Jess has both the beauty and the brains. Coming across as a little ditzy due to her bubbly personality and infectiously high energy, Jess is still able to laugh at herself and joke around with her friends.

Describing herself as the girl next door, Jess has no problem making new friends and she lights up any room that she walks into. She feels that coming into Beauty and the Geek, she will be able to use her bright personality to help the geeks open up and come out of their shells.

Not ruling out the possibility of falling for one of the geeks, Jess’ relationship history has seen her fall hard and fast. She admits that she has been naïve in past relationships and that guys often get an ego if she gives them a chance.

Jess has strong family values and a really close connection with her mum but this didn’t stop her from moving out of home when she was just 18-years-old. She can be very emotional and has been known to cry at the drop of a hat. Jess has a break up playlist on stand by and often tears up while watching her favourite rom com.

If Jess was to be part of the winning couple, she would use the prize money to move up to the Gold Coast, put a down a deposit on an apartment and buy a sausage dog. She is looking forward to making new friends during this experience but is nervous about the challenges.

Josie – 21/NSW

21-year-old Josie is a total country girl at heart, having grown up in regional NSW until she was 18. She has a super laid back and bubbly personality and being a full-time dancer has always been a lifelong dream of hers.

Moving to Sydney to pursue her dreams of dance a few years ago to continue with ballet and jazz, Josie is incredibly competitive at heart and hates to lose. Now studying primary school teaching, Josie is proud of herself for stepping out of her comfort zone and says her hard working nature has driven her to be as happy and successful as she is today.

When it comes to the dating world, Josie says she has always been unlucky in love. Since moving to Sydney, she has had a few casual relationships but none have ever lasted. She says, “I have been single for quite some time now as I am independent and haven’t had the time to pursue a relationship since my career has always come first.”

Josie doesn’t get awkward in social situations and says she finds it very easy to talk to people and have natural conversations. She thrives in social and group environments, whether it be with people she already knows, or meeting a group for the first time. She’s always been a people person and hates awkward silences.

Beauty and the Geek is the perfect opportunity for Josie to do something crazy and unexpected. She’s keen to break the stereotype of beauties being dumb, blonde and ditzy and to prove beauties can be females that are empowering, strong, smart and sophisticated.

Beauty and the Geek

Kiera – 23/VIC

23-year-old Kiera is a fun loving, big ball of energy. Listing her opinionated nature as both her strength and her weakness, her motto in life is that “talent will get you in the door and personality will keep you in the room.”

As a public servant for the Victorian Government, Kiera admits that maths is definitely not one of her strong suits. She has a soft spot for geeks, which she credits to growing up with two brothers and is confident this will work in her favour to help her build a real and genuine connection with the geek she is partnered with.

Kiera describes herself as chaotic, romantic and fun and is least looking forward to the potential of crumbling under pressure when it comes to the challenges she is about to experience.

Having only had one relationship in the past, Kiera says, “I think I can scare people away with how honest and full on I am sometimes.” She’s worried her no filter personality might throw her geek off but is super keen to see any romances that may develop.

Kiera has no problem working by herself and in teams and says she really values human connections and loves having good friends to work with to make tasks even easier. She’s hoping her geek will be her best teammate yet and that she doesn’t scare him off.

Beauty and the Geek

Leticia – 25/ VIC

Despite her small size, Leticia’s big outrageous personality instantly fills any room she steps foot into. She brings this fun loving and carefree attitude into her professional life as a dental receptionist and can often be caught singing and talking to herself at the front desk.

At 25, Leticia says her dating life is non-existent and that she has never even been on a real date. Her usual type is a tall, fit guy with facial hair and tattoos but Letitia says she no longer pines after this kind of guy and instead wants an honest, genuine connection with a man who will prioritise her as his number one.

Leticia is a bona fide pocket rocket who is full of energy and is constantly apologising for being too full on. Coming into Beauty and the Geek, Leticia says she loves the idea of two completely different worlds colliding and is excited to be her geek’s number one hype girl.

Her hobbies include going for a walk or hike with her girlfriends and says she “has to get that insta-story worthy pic.” She loves to work in teams and describes herself as enthusiastic, honest and loyal.

Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek is produced by Endemol Shine Australia for Channel Nine.

Beauty And The Geek, Sunday, July 11, at 7.00pm on Nine and 9Now.

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