Axed radio stars Bianca Dye and Ben Hannant farewell fans as SCA shutters Sea FM show

Bianca Dye

Bianca Dye: ‘I’ve been doing radio for 30 years now and this is definitely not the end’

Mediaweek reported early last week on the axing of the Gold Coast Sea FM breakfast show led by broadcaster Bianca Dye. After a Friday farewell to remember, Bianca, Ben and Lakey is no more. Bianca and Ben are out, and Lakey remains with an as-yet-unnamed co-host/s for 2024.

After news broke of the programming decision, Dye disappeared from the airwaves. Her co-hosts Danny Lakey and Ben Hannant carried on last week ahead of their final show on Friday.

Dye engaged with her audience via social media that she would be on air at the Gold Coast station to join her colleagues for a final farewell on that last show.

Dye was there at 8am to join the festivities. It wasn’t a wake. Apart from the tears being shed, it sounded like more of a celebration of what the show had achieved over the years. There was also some excitement about the opportunities ahead for Bianca and Ben.

Sea FM’s Bianca, Danny and Ben

Bianca Dye’s farewell message

The breakfast team at Sea FM 90.9 compiled an impressive highlights reel with just a few of the memorable moments from the breakfast show. Amongst them were Bianca’s journey with IVF and her mental health struggles. There were clips from with interviews with Russell Crowe and Keith Urban, plus a recap of the time Dye painted her body gold – “a fun photo to say whatever your body looks like, just love it and embrace it.”

As she was welcomed back on air on Friday, Bianca said to Ben and Lakey: “Thanks for holding the fort while I had a little bit of, shall we call it personal leave?

“I’m ok, but have mixed emotions. Obviously, this wasn’t a decision that I made. I didn’t want to leave. But I understand, I have worked in this industry for 30 years. As they say, that’s showbiz.

“I am also excited for whatever comes for Sea FM. This is a fantastic radio station. I grew up listening to Sea FM. I remember listening to Dean Miller and Suki Meade on the way to school and thinking I want to do that…I want to do brekky radio.

“Brekky radio is a very special time. In the chaos of the morning of what people are going through they invite us into their world. We have been there…Benny for seven years, and Lakey in other markets too, but with us for over a year and before that Dan Anstey.

“Thank you for all the messages people have sent me. You forget how much we are a part of peoples’ worlds. They listen and take on board all the stories, all the craziness. I feel like I have been the big sister.

“For me, it’s been four years of magic. The Gold Coast is my home. There have been tears, laughter, debates…Benny and I don’t always agree on everything but to me that is what makes great brekky radio. We all have our opinions and we think differently.

“I have shared some really deep, intimate parts of my life and I went through a big break up while having to show up on the radio every day and be all smiles and that wasn’t easy.

“Sharing the messiness and the realness of life, including my dating, being single and talking about it on the radio, I’m pretty sure that is why I am still single. Maybe I might find someone now that you guys aren’t talking about my love life on the radio!

“I just want to say thank you because it’s been an amazing four years. I am going to miss waking up with the Gold Coast. I am a Gold Coaster through and through and I don’t plan on leaving the Gold Coast. I want to stay here and I want to have a break and some sleep-ins.

Bianca Dye

Bianca Dye at the 2023 ACRAs: Top and above with Danny Lakey

“Lakey, it has been fun working with you and I wish you all the best for whoever the new co-host is. I hope you guys have some fun. I’m looking forward to tuning in to see who’s going to be here.

“Benny, I’m going to miss you too. I’m going to get emotional…” It was here that Dye welled up as she spoke.

She told a tale about a visit to a Currumbin special school and talked about other visits into the community.

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Bianca the bikini girl handing out icy cold Coke

She also recalled her start in radio. “I remember my first job when Sea FM used to be called 4GG (and later Gold FM). I was the bikini girl and I used to and hand out icy cold cans of Coke when I was 14 years old.

“I’ve been doing radio for 30 years now and this is definitely not the end. I am a broadcaster in my blood. This is who I am. I am kind of excited about what is next for me. I don’t know what that is yet.

“It was hard coming in today. I didn’t want to come in.”

Chloe Maxwell

Left and right: Ben Hannant, producer Chloe Maxwell, Bianca Dye and Danny Lakey

Ben Hannant pays tribute to Bianca, drops the C-word

Ben: “Three words stand out for me when I think of you. One is the big F – Fun. You have been a world of fun over the years. Number two would be the R-word – Relatable. You are so relatable to so many women on the Gold Coast as you share everything so openly about yourself. Number three is the C-word. Not the one you think I’m going to say. You are Caring. You care about the people of the Gold Coast. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the very best on the next chapter of your life.”

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