Australian Survivor Simon Mee exposes the brutal reality of the show in a deleted-Tweet

Australian Survivor - Simon Mee

Mee said: “You can always tell a lot about the pecking order of the tribe by the sleeping arrangements”

Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villians contestant Simon Mee revealed the brutal reality of the 10 reality TV show in a now-deleted Tweet.
Mee took to Twitter to reply to a post by Australian Survivor Memes, who shared a scene showing fellow contestant Gerry Geltch in a tense discussion with him about the placement of the tribe’s firewood in the camp.

The image shows Geltch gesticulating: “That’s why I loaded all that shit up there this morning” as Mee appears to cop the heat.

Mee revealed the reason for Geltch’s outburst was a result of the camp’s “pecking order” as the game enters its final weeks. 

On the platform, Mee responded: “You can always tell a lot about the pecking order of the tribe by the sleeping arrangements. Gerry slept in the middle of the shelter with the blanket every night.

“But when he collected fire wood, he stacked it down the end of the shelter. Which also happened to be my bed.”

Australian Survivor

Another follow-up tweet, which has also since been deleted, Mee shared that he had to move the firewood anytime he wanted to himself in the shelter.

One of the responses to Mee’s Tweet came from Matt Tarrant, a former Survivor player, concurred that the realities of the pecking order is “true”.

“This is legit very true. Never sleep on the edge of the bed at camp. I’d let you sleep on top of me if you wanted to, Simo,” Tarrant said.

Simon replied: “Thanks Matt. I remember how excited I was when I was able to fit under the tarp for the first time after Shaun left.”

Earlier this season, the first Reward Challenge saw the Heroes and the Villains race to grab building material, food, fishing gear and comfort items.

The Immunity Challenge took a turn when Villain’s George and Jackie were injured and removed from the game for medical examination. The Heroes went on to win Immunity, and sent the Villains to the first Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, the Villains learned that Jackie would not be returning and George’s fate in the game was still up in the air. They were presented with the option of not reading the votes and heading back to camp, or they could push on with the count.
With a unanimous decision to read the votes and cut a player loose, Anjali was ultimately voted out as the first Castaway to leave Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

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Top image: Simon Mee

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