Australian Survivor returning with live finale, launching against The Block

“Everything is bigger and rougher and wilder than before”

Jonathan LaPaglia

Network Ten has confirmed the second season of Australian Survivor is to return on Sunday July 30, the same night that Nine launches its new season of The Block.

There is also a major change to the format in the second year – this year, the winner of Australian Survivor will be announced in a live finale.

All 24 contestants will come together, in front of a live audience, for the announcement of the winner and the reunion special.

Talking about the new season of Australian Survivor, returning host Jonathan LaPaglia said: “I wasn’t sure how we were going to top last year but I think we will. Everything is bigger and rougher and wilder than before. We have come up with some epic challenges to put our contestants through and there are some serious game players in here.”

On the new 24 contestants for 2017, he said: “We have got a great bunch of contestants who represent a good cross-section of Australia and I think the audiences are going to love it even more than last time.

“There’s still that element of mateship and loyalty that’s such an important part of Australia’s social fabric that really gets the contestants struggling because of the nature of the show. And there’s a lot of fun seeing some of these big game players really go all out.

“Last year we had a tough group of competitors and it’s hard to beat such a huge series and especially that final Immunity Challenge seeing the underdog Kristie come through. It’s going to be a tough one to beat but I think we’re going to do it,” Jonathan said.

Catch a sneak peek of the new season here.

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