Australian Survivor finale: Golden God David wins while Sharn gets silver again

• Season four’s David is Australian Survivor All Star’s Sole Survivor

The final episode of Survivor All Stars saw David, Sharn, and Moana face off to be the first Australian All Star Sole Survivor on 10 and 10 Play.

2020 Players:
Season 4- 2019 – David, Harry, Abbey, John and Daisy.
Season 3- 2018 – Mat, Moana, Lydia, Sharn, Shane, Shonee and Zach.
Season 2- 2017 – Jericho, Locky, Henry, Tarzan, Jacqui, Michelle and AK.
Season 1- 2016 – Lee, Phoebe, Brooke, Flick and Nick.

On the jury this season in order of elimination was Locky Gilbert, Harry Hills, Zach Kozyrski, Jacqui Patterson, Shonee Fairfax, Aaron ‘AK’ Knight, Mark ‘Tarzan’ Herlaar, and Brooke Jowett. 

Sharn was the only one to make it this far in the game before after losing to Shane Gould in season three, ironically Gould was the first tribe member eliminated in All Stars, followed closely by season two winner Jericho Malabonga.

Following the elimination of Brooke last week the episode started with each tribe member discussing their motivations for wanting to win the show ahead of their final immunity challenge. 

The challenge was revealed as an endurance test standing on pegs in the ocean while holding onto an idol in one hand and a tension chord in the other. Before the challenge started each contestant was given the surprise of having their family members present for the challenge.

Moana was the first one to fall after an hour and ten minutes, and after more than two hours Sharn eventually gave in to the worsening weather and rising waves to topple over and give immunity to David guaranteeing him a spot in the final two.

At the tribal council, Sharn and Moana both made their cases to David about taking them to the final two with David ending up sticking to the promise he made to Sharn in the earlier immunity challenge and sending Moana home.

On their final morning, Sharn and David were treated to something rarer than an immunity idol, a decent meal, as they ate bacon and eggs and reflected on making it to the end of the show and their plans for the final tribal council with the jury.

Sharn opened the tribal with a precise and detailed argument befitting of her day job as a barrister outlining her strategy of having multiple secret alliances to navigate her way to the end. David followed with a more casual and charming approach as he outlined all his big moves including being the mole in Vakuma at the start of the season, being the first person in Australian Survivor to hold two immunity idols at the same time, and engineering Locky’s blindside. 


During the question segment, AK harkened back to when Sharn convinced him not to draw rocks and offered her the chance to earn his vote by drawing rocks or to back herself to convince him to vote for her based on her game, she ultimately decided to back her game and not draw rocks.

Sharn received a majority of the questions and a slightly more hostile response from the jury mostly due to her lying to AK, Brooke, and Shonee that resulted in Jacqui going home and in the same tribal telling Tarzan to vote for Moana.


David made a final impassioned plea and outlined how he was responsible for voting out almost every member of the jury.

For the final reveal the show moved to the Channel 10 studio in Sydney where host Jonathan LaPaglia announced the winner via video from Los Angeles due to not being able to travel because of COVID-19 with David receiving enough votes to be the Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor All Stars.

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