Publicis Groupe, Dentsu, Ogilvy Australia and Resolution Digital named employers of choice at the 2023 Australian Business Awards

Australian Business Awards - Employer of choice

The Employer of Choice recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce

Publicis Groupe, Dentsu, Ogilvy Australia and Resolution Digital have been named employers of choice at the 2023 Australian Business Awards.

The Employer of Choice (EOC) from the Australian Business Award recognises organisations that develop workplaces that maximise the full potential of their workforce through established policies and practices that demonstrate effective employee recruitment, engagement and retention.

Publicis Groupe

Publicis Groupe - Australian Business Awards

This is the third consecutive time Publicis Groupe has received the recognition, Michael Rebelo, CEO of Publicis Groupe Australia and New Zealand was proud of the company’s efforts to achieve the title.

“While creating a supportive environment will always be an ongoing journey, being named an Employer of Choice for the third-year running is something we’re extremely proud of.

“Building an organisation that connects over 20 unique agency cultures through an inclusive and inspiring workplace is a testament to the creativity and talent of both our agency leaders and People & Culture team,” he said.

“Whether it be through the local rollout of our Working with Cancer initiative, our always evolving L&D programs, the launch of new and diverse employee action groups, or our focus on employee mental health and wellbeing, it’s great to see our endeavours to turn positive employee experiences into great life experiences being recognised,” he added.


The Australian Business Awards noted that throughout 2022, the continued focus at Ogilvy has been on key leadership decisions.

Sally Kissane, CEO of Ogilvy Australia, made it her goal to deliver growth by transforming five business units – advertising, brand and content, consulting, experience, health, and public relations – across Australia and New Zealand into one high-performance, fully integrated company.

Australian Business Awards noted that Kissane’s leadership team and their ability and track record of collaborative working demonstrate the business model and, in action, continue to be a true reflection of the company. The agency’s vision was to stop surrounding a client’s budget and to start surrounding their business problems – project and every new business opportunity were being examined through how a ‘cross-functional’ team could deliver better results through the network effect.

Ogilvy’s energy and effort were channelled directly into creating more marquee work that delivered effective outcomes in this way. 

The company also recognised their staff enjoyed the freedom and autonomy of working from home and embraced the new working behaviours of the business, adapting the entire company rhythm to enable staff to collaborate and create together, even when they were physically apart.

At the foundation of this is a deep sense of trust from the Ogilvy management and offering their staff the freedom to decide what working behaviours would be best for themselves and the team. This also allowed for employees to balance out their priorities against the needs of their team, leaving them to define the ways of working that suited everyone. 




The Australian Business Awards highlighted Dentsu ensures their people have endless career possibilities within their greater network.

The global media, marketing and creative company looks for new and innovative ways to ensure they’re creating new pathways for their people to achieve their personal career goals.

This is done through investing in talent programs, cultural development, and career management that enable Dentsu to say they prioritise their people. The Australian Business Awards noted that the investment is supported by robust business processes and systems that allow the company to gain deep insights and develop meaningful products for all its people.

Dentsu is committed to growing industry skills and promoting meaningful employment pathways.

The company focuses on building engaged teams, promoting growth into leadership roles, and consistently monitoring key people metrics to ensure success. At the centre of Dentsu is its belief its people are the reason clients choose to work with them, and they will continue to be a significant strategic focus as it propel towards never-before-seen heights.

Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital

Resolution Digital has been involved in industry opportunities, contributing to the wider community, and supporting and providing learning opportunities for people to keep across trends, updates, and Industry changes.

The agency has also been recognised as an industry partner Google Analytics Most Awarded Partner for the past three years. Its Culture Code covers culture, leadership and strategy and guides and defines working methods. The foundation of Resolution’s excellence highlights the opportunities and initiatives, particularly the Re: Charge platform launch and many wellness and social events.

Resolution Digital has made a conscious effort to ensure that its policies evolve, supporting employees to have a Remarkable experience. Its education, training and development program is designed to cover both technical and soft skills training.
The agency also constantly checks in with teams to ensure learning opportunities are customised to accommodate employees that ensure impactful learning.

Resolution’s Performance, Recognition and Remuneration process is made up of a comprehensive framework fuelled by a proactive attitude in managing and rewarding people fairly and transparently.

Last year, the agency reported growth in results for clients and internal headcount, with the team strengthened and continuing to thrive. Resolution Digital has grown to 348 people. The agency is focused on the Employee Experience with a new reward and recognition platform called Re: Charge that give their staff instant recognition and allows them to make significant cost savings through discounts to over 400+ retailers.

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