Around the world and back again with Beau Ryan on The Amazing Race

the amazing race

• “There are a lot of pinch-yourself moments this season, probably the most we’ve ever had”

After the previous season was grounded by Covid, The Amazing Race is taking back to the skies for international travel. Touching down in Morocco, Greece, Belize, and more, a record 20 teams will be strapping on their backpacks and taking off on the adventure of a lifetime.

Mediaweek spoke to host Beau Ryan ahead of the show’s return at 7:30pm on Monday, August 29th on 10 and 10 Play.

the amazing race

Beau Ryan

Whilst some people are facing post-restrictions travel with trepidation, Ryan says that he was raring to go.

“I was very excited and ready to go considering our last one was in Australia. I loved that, but I was ready to get back overseas and do what we do best.”

Whilst it’s tempting to toss aside all concerns about Covid as you stamp your passport, Ryan says that the team were prepared for whatever came their way.

“We had a backup plan, we had protocols and our own Covid safety team. We adapted, because every country has different rules – and in each country we met the protocols accordingly. Our focus was on making the show and competing all the challenges. I still can’t believe we got it done, but we did!

With the previous season kept to Australian soil, Ryan says that the vastness of Australia contrasted with other continents was what struck him the most.

“When you’re in Europe, South America, or Asia, you can get on a one hour flight and be on a different continent. 

“Being able to get on an hour flight or go on a four-hour drive, and then just hit a completely new country, continent, and culture is what’s so good about the show. In Australia, you might go for an eight-hour drive and you’ll hit the next town, especially in Central Queensland. Over there, it’s just easier to explore because everything, especially in Europe, is so close.”

When it came to casting The Amazing Race, Ryan says that there were a lot of factors that the team weighed up, but the bottom line was making sure that the entirety of Australia was represented. 

“You want to represent each state, that’s important – Australia is so big, and you want every state to be represented fairly. Also, you want to represent all the different cultures and diversity enshrined in Australia. This country looks so different to so many different people, and I think we showed that.”

The casting team even had a couple of extra teams to play with this year, as this season will have a record-breaking 20 teams racing. 

“Although we had 20 teams this year, it was still a bit of a jigsaw to try and put everyone together and make sure every single place is represented accordingly,” says Ryan. “I think the casting was great. I’m really proud of the cast, and the world first of having 20 teams just made it that little bit more interesting.

Everyone can sit down and see themselves in some of the teams – that’s the best thing about it. My daughter usually picks an all-girl team, and my wife will pick a husband-and-wife team that argues like us! It just represents everyone.”

No matter who wound up in the cast, Ryan joked that every season there is a team who will get caught out not being able to drive manual cars.

“We all grew up learning in manuals, doing hill starts and reverse parks. Some of the new generations skip that, and some people will pay the price.

It’s hard to teach someone to drive a manual, especially on a small road in Santorini!”

the amazing race

With a long list of places to showcase on The Amazing Race, Ryan says that the audience will be able to enjoy the moments in between just as much as the race itself. 

“It’s a baptism of fire for the teams. Every year they stand on the starting line, and they’re so excited and happy – then you just watch that excitement drain from them when they get to the challenges! 

“The pitstops are always fun though, they’re a moment where you can stand and reflect and look around. There are a lot of pinch-yourself moments this season, probably the most we’ve ever had.”

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