ARN’s Christian O’Connell to host new national night show

• The night show will be called The Christian O’Connell Show

ARN has announced that Christian O’Connell, host of Melbourne’s #1FM Breakfast Show on the #1FM station GOLD104.3, will also host a new daily national night show from Monday, 27 April 2020.

The night show will be called The Christian O’Connell Show with the tag line – Be Part of Something Special. It will mean the broadcaster will be on air for five daily in Melbourne where he currently broadcasts from 6am until 10am.

The evening Christian O’Connell Show will air weekdays from 7pm – 8pm on Sydney’s WSFM, Melbourne’s GOLD104.3, Brisbane’s 97.3FM, Adelaide’s MIX102.3 and Perth’s 96 FM stations.

On the launch of his new national nights show O’Connell said: “I’m so lucky to be able to continue to build a new radio show here in Australia. It’s open to any free spirit who loves storytelling, and radio that’s inclusive and talks about all aspects of our lives. I aim to carry on making radio that’s about real people, rather than reality TV or showbiz gossip.

“Right now, we need spaces where we can support each other, through laughter, tears and hope. We are at a time when the power of radio to create connection and comfort is so vital and I hope that I can continue to remind our listeners just how special radio can be… even when hosted by a Brit like me!

“In Melbourne in just two years the show has become number one and that’s all thanks to the strong and supportive community of listeners who have really become part of the show, so to be able to offer that across Australia is a really exciting opportunity.”

ARN’s national content director Duncan Campbell said: “Christian’s ability to connect community and engage listeners is unique and valuable and has resulted in some of the most creative, integrated client campaigns ever delivered. Listeners, more than ever, need content and talent that can be trusted and provide both assurance and entertainment. Christian’s quick-wit, relatable humour and compassion really resonate with listeners and the new show will amplify his community of passionate fans across the country.”

ARN’s CEO Ciaran Davis said: “ARN continues to invest in talent that will support our objective to define audio and remain the #1 national network. Christian is exceptional talent and delivers on incredible integrated campaigns that connect with audiences and produce tangible results for clients. This new national show not only extends Christian’s reach to new audiences it strengthens ARN’s commercial offering for our clients nationally across all of our broadcast, on-demand and digital assets.”

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