ARN uses geo-location to deliver headlines on Your News Now podcast

ARN Your News Now ihearpodcast

Your News Now is presented by journalists from across ARN’s national network

ARN’s iHeartPodcast Network Australia has announced a technically advanced news podcast, Your News Now, an under 3-minute burst of news, sport and weather, delivered via a geo-location aware feed that adapts the content based on the listener’s location.

Continuously updating elements of the bulletin, Your News Now is the podcast to hit play on to get up-to-date news in your area presented by journalists from across ARN’s national network.

Fiona Ellis-Jones, ARN’s head of news and information, said: “Your News Now is a technological first and we are proud to be delivering up-to-date geo-targeted news with world-class journalists to audiences.”

Stephanie Coombes, ARN’s iHeart Podcast Network content director said: “We are thrilled to be releasing a news podcast that uses exciting technology in an innovative and original manner that will ensure audiences are always kept across the news as it happens and can listen when and where it suits them.”

Bryan Barletta, partner at Sounds Profitable, said: “While podcast technology has its limits, we’ve yet to hit them. When we do, I expect the team at ARN to be a part of that success, as they consistently strive to push the technical limits of our medium, this is one of the world’s most technically advanced news podcasts”

Your News Now is available on the iHeart app on smart speakers, radio or wherever you get your podcasts.

After a vote was held during Wednesday’s annual general meeting, HT&E officially rebranded to ARN Media last week. The move reflects the company’s growth prospects in radio.

The move came almost six years to the day since APN News & Media rebranded to HT&E.

“In 2020, ARN was a metropolitan-based radio business. Today thanks to our regional acquisition and our investments in digital audio, we are connecting audiences and brands in a market that is worth $1.4bn,” Ciaran Davis said to shareholders in his CEO’s address.

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