ARN partners with Coles Express for personalised radio messaging

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• The campaign was broadcast across ARN’s KIIS and Pure Gold networks in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

ARN has become the first network in the world – with Coles Express the first advertiser – to run a Dynamic Audio campaign on broadcast radio, delivering a 91% boost in consumer brand love.

The Dynamic Audio campaign – broadcast across ARN’s KIIS and Pure Gold networks in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth – used ARN and technology partner A Million Ads’ proprietary software to create 3875 different versions of the Coles Express commercial. Then, the same technology used the time of day, day of week, location and the rotation of products to determine the most contextually relevant version to broadcast at any given moment.

To establish effectiveness of Dynamic Audio, ARN and Coles Express used a research panel of 1020 respondents aged 25-54 to test a standard 15 second commercial against a 30 second Dynamic Audio commercial. Both had similar content, promoting the Coles Express Instant Win promotion.

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The result was – despite being twice as long – three times as many people preferred the Dynamic Audio commercial.

The Dynamic Audio commercial also delivered the message 70% more clearly, was 88% more trusted, 75% more customer-focused, and it delivered a 91% increase in brand likeability for Coles Express.

Another benefit of ARN’s Dynamic Audio is that a huge volume of commercials can be written, recorded and produced at a fraction of the time and cost of creating them manually.

ARN’s chief commercial officer Pete Whitehead (pictured) said, “With every brand looking for ways to make every spend work harder than ever to deliver results, Dynamic Audio provides targeted and personalised messaging which gives advertisers more certainty that their brand is getting cut though.

“Using the Dynamic Audio tech, our creative team had just one script, and in less than two hours of recording time and less than one day to produce, we were able to create literally thousands of customised commercials providing our client the ability to deliver dynamically targeted advertising across both broadcast and digital.

“The rollout of ARN Dynamic Audio, across FM, AM, DAB+ and iHeartRadio, is part of ARN’s long-term strategy to expand and diversify our comprehensive commercial offering.”

A Coles Express spokesperson said, “We are delighted to be ARN’s launch partner for Dynamic Audio in Australia. At Coles Express we know how important it is to reach consumers at the right time and through the right media channels. This is a great opportunity to reach consumers contextually through audio that relates to a particular moment in time and will provide us with greater cut through and brand relevance.”

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