Another Project departure: Peter Helliar to step down from the desk

Peter Helliar

After nearly 8 years, his last show will be on Wednesday, December 7

The latest big name to step down from Channel 10’s The Project is Peter Helliar, who announced on Tuesday night that he would also be leaving the show. After nearly 8 years at the desk, his last show will be on Wednesday, December 7.

The news comes a month after the announcement of Carrie Bickmore’s departure from the show, and two days after the announcement that Lisa Wilkinson would also be leaving.

Speaking on Tuesday night, Helliar said that the move was something that had been on his mind for a while.

“People will read in the situation where they want to read into it, but I feel like I need to create some space for some projects that I want to work on.

“I feel like there are some things, some new areas that I’m going into hopefully next year that I need to be present for. I don’t want to be a creator who is leaving meetings to go to another meeting.

“Carrie, you said something recently… you said that you are glad you’re leaving The Project while you still love it – and I still love this show, I really do. It means a lot to me, it’s done amazing things for me. I interviewed Luke Skywalker once!”

Helliar wrapped up the announcement by joking that “Waleed, I can’t wait to see what you and Kyle & Jackie O do with show next year.”

Beverley McGarvey, executive vice president and chief content officer, Paramount Australia and New Zealand, said: “It’s incredible to think Peter Helliar has been part of the 10 family for 22 years.

“Of course, we all remember Pete delivering his comedic brilliance on Rove Live back in 2000, but also his role on the much-loved AFL show, Before The Game where his alter ego Strauchanie was born.

“Pete’s talent at 10 has also extended behind the camera as writer, director and star of How To Stay Married which ran for three seasons, plus his comedy shows Skithouse and Cram.

“One of the most loved and respected comedians in the country, Pete joined The Project in 2014 filling the comedy seat, a seat which he has held for the past eight years. Given the breadth of his work, it is amazing that we have been lucky enough to have him sit at The Project desk four days a week.

“Pete has made the decision to take more time to dedicate to his first loves – writing and stand-up – and we look forward to our continuing relationship.”

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