Adshel switches on live newsfeeds

Adshel switches on live newsfeeds in digital activation on Sydney Trains network

Outdoor company Adshel is bringing commuters the latest live news headlines across its Sydney Trains digital screens network as part of’s The News in Colour campaign.

The headlines, running across the Adshel Live network, will be drawn from various sections of the site, offering Sydney commuters the latest local, national, international, sport, technology, travel and entertainment news in real-time, 24/7. The vibrant background colours are automatically assigned to match the branding of each news section.

Adshel chief revenue officer David Roddick said: “The proposition of Adshel Live Sydney Trains network allowed us to activate this dynamic campaign for a client whose core product is the constantly changing news cycle.
“News brands are usually confined to brand messaging when they advertise and only digital out-of-home offers the flexibility to own guaranteed space in the consumer eye-line, while illustrating the vibrancy of the brand through live, dynamic content so your message stays fresh and relevant. We are delighted to have produced this innovative campaign for” general manager Julian Delany said: “ operates exclusively in the digital space. Our The News in Colour campaign is an important differentiator in the congested and competitive news market; it helps us stand out from the crowd and not alienate our current audience. As news breaks, is focused on providing a news product that is compelling, accessible and goes beyond what people expect. Having the campaign on Adshel’s digital screens is an important part of our media mix as it allows us to bring the campaign to life and showcase our up-to-the-minute news in colour.”

In addition to Adshel Live, the campaign is deployed across Adshel’s national street furniture network.

The campaign, which launched this week, will continue until the end of July.

Source: Adshel

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