Adshel using outdoor to deliver SBS headlines to consumers

Adshel served 167 SBS headlines over two weeks

Adshel has delivered an innovative digital outdoor campaign for SBS using a new automated system giving SBS the control to serve its own breaking news headlines, updated within seconds across the Adshel Live national network.

Over a two-week campaign period, Adshel served 167 SBS headlines with a median go-live time of 30 seconds.

The SBS World News campaign aimed to reach commuters with the latest news updates, including a call to action to “make the change” and tune in to the 6.30pm nightly bulletin for national and international news stories of the day.

In a first-to-market offering, Adshel developed an innovative, secure, high-speed system that fed into its content management network, enabling SBS to self-serve and update its own creative messaging.

The tool featured a simple, system-agnostic web interface, with news editors able to insert text directly, reacting as news stories broke. Adshel and SBS realised that the campaign required a quicker and more robust review process than standard word-excluding software would allow. To monitor the creative messaging prior to publishing, Adshel built a mobile-enabled mediation system, allowing Adshel to approve content online or via a smartphone within seconds.


Adshel’s sales and marketing director David Roddick said: “This product offering is a great example of the impact digital is having on our business and the new opportunities it brings to advertisers. With the agility of an online digital platform and our broadcast reach, Adshel provided the flexibility and scale for SBS to deliver relevant, up-to-the-minute messages to commuters across the country. By offering clients new adaptive ways to connect with their audiences, we start to see out-of-home evolve. This is a great example of how Adshel is innovating and ensuring we stay competitive, not only in our market, but across all media channels.”

SBS director of marketing Amanda McGregor said: “For this campaign we wanted to find a solution that was not only effective at reaching people at scale, but complemented and supported what we do every day via on our own channels in bringing the latest, most relevant news headlines from around the world to Australians.

“We have been working with Adshel since early 2016, continuously looking to improve our ability to deliver breaking news through outdoor formats, and were really pleased with this solution and the results. The platform was easy to use and fitting in with our editorial workflows, allowing us to serve SBS World News content Australia-wide almost in real time – something that hasn’t been possible until now. We’re looking forward to the possibilities this opens up for future campaigns.”

The SBS World News campaign ran from 26 February across out-of-home and digital.

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